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Intercom Products
Custom Integration Products
Commercial Products

See service policy for details.

Effective March 1, 2013. Download Service Policies  [View] (213.12 KiB) in print-friendly PDF format.

Section 1: Intercom Products

Part NumberPart DescriptionFlat Rate (US Dollars)
1500Audio Conter Station for 1-16 Lanes100

1500ACompact Audio Counter Station100

1500AHCompact Counter Station+Handset100+Component*

1501Inbound Video Display for 150075+Component*

1501AInbound Video Display for 1500A75+Component*

1501WInbound Wall-Mount Video Display75+Component*

15022-Way Video Display for 1500100+Component*

1502A2-Way Video Display for 1500A100+Component*

1502W2-Way Wall-Mount Video Display100+Component*

15042-Way Video Adapter for 150045

15092x4 Audio Only Hub95

1509SDSD Capable 2x4 Audio Only Hub60

1510-1513Audio/Video Matrix Hub45+Component*

15154 Port Counter Station Hub Expansion Card85

15164 Port Lane Station Hub Expansion Card85

1517System Card95

1517SDSD Capable System Card85

1520Lane Station65

1522Outdoor A/V Station HTR/SPK/MIC/CAL100+Component*

1523Outdoor Video Station w/ HTR100+Component*

1524Outdoor Video Station w/ HTR100+Component*

1525Indoor A/V Station w/ Handset100+Component*

1533Telephone Interface Station100

1540Surface Mount Lane Handset Kit50

1541Flushmount Lane Handset Kit50

1542Digital Wireless Headset Kit for 15xx45

1543Wired Headset Kit for 15xxNon Serviceable

1544Handset Kit for 15xx w/ 6' Cable/CradleNon Serviceable

1547Lane IR Traffic Sensor KitNon Serviceable

15484:1 Counter Headsset Selector45

1550Field Setup and Programming Tool45+Component*

1561CCS Countertop Pharmacy Station100

15801-on-2 Audio Counter Station100

1580H1-on-2 Counter Station w/ Handset100

1581Inbound Video Counter Station100

15822-Way Counter Video Display100

1583Dual Audio Lane Station85

15841-on-2 Video Matrix85

1585-INIndoor A/V Customer Station100

1585-OUTOutdoor A/v Customer Station100

1589Dual Traffic Sensor AdaptorNon Serviceable

641-011Display 7" 16:9 LCD OutdoorNon Serviceable

631-026Pluggable Gooseneck MicrophoneNon Serviceable

804-039Long Board Tilt Camera Assembly100+Component*

804-042Long Board Camera/Bright LCD Assembly100+Component*

804-043Bright LCD Assembly100+Component*

804-046Long Board Camera/Bright LCD Assembly w/ HTR100+Component*

804-055LCD Assembly 15xx Indoor100+Component*

804-057Short Board Tilt Camera Assembly100+Component*

804-0791585 Tilt Camera Assembly100+Component*

* These items have a per component charge in addition to that flat rate service fee.

Section 2: Custom Integration Products

Part NumberPart DescriptionFlat Rate (US Dollars)
11051100 Series IR RemoteNon Serviceable

1105BKBlack 1100 Series RemoteNon Serviceable

1109Cat 5 Control Bridge65

1109ACat 5 Control Bridge65

1110Dual-Single Cat 5 AdapterNon Serviceable

1111Cat 5 Control Bridge65

11544-Way Component/Digital Autoswitch65

1154A4-Way Component/Digital Autoswitch65

1154A14-Way Component/Digital Autoswitch65

1154B4-In Component/Audio Autoselector95

1156AVAtrix 6x7 Cat 5 Matrix300

1166AVAtrix 6x7 Cat 5 Matrix w/ DVI300

1170Cat 5 Multidriver Expander200

1170BKCat 5 Multidriver Expander200

1171Cat 5 Multidriver200

1171BKCat 5 Multidriver200

1172Multi-Zone Audio Router200

1173Multi-Zone Audio Router w/ Volume200

1173BKMulti-Zone Audio Router w/ Volume200

1176HD Cat 5 Matrix Router200

1176BKHD Cat 5 Matrix Router200

1180ROne Cat 5 Box Receiver65

1180RDOne Cat 5 Décora Receiver65

1180TOne Cat 5 Box 1:2 Transmitter65

1180TDOne Cat 5 Décora1:2 Transmitter65

1182Video DC BlockerNon Serviceable

1183Active Video DC BlockerNon Serviceable

1184A/V Hum Eliminator50

1185CIInstaller Distribution Amp75

1312HDMI-DVI Converter w/ AudioNon Serviceable

1322EDID Controller65

1322DEDID Controller 3D Compatible65

13322-In DVI Switcher w/ HDCPNon Serviceable

13344-In DVI Switcher w/ HDCPNon Serviceable

1341R-USDigital Video 1-Coax Receiver100

1341T-USDigital Video 1-Coax Transmitter100

13522-Out DVI Distribution Amp w/ HDCP125

1361YPbPr-Composite Video Converter150

1362Composite-YPbPr/VGA Converter125

1365PC/HDTV Scaler125

1366PC/HD Scaler w/ Advanced Processor150

1372A2x1 HDMI v1.3 1080p Switcher65

13744x1 HDMI v1.3 1080p SwitcherNon Serviceable

1374A4x1 HDMI v1.3 1080p Switcher75

1380RHMX-244 HDMI Over UTP Receiver65

1385VGA to HDMI Converter/Scaler150

1388HDMI to HDMI Scaler150

1391AHDMI Extender/DDC Corrector65

1392A1x2 HDMI v1.3 1080p Dist Amp100

1394A1x4 HDMI v1.3 1080p Dist Amp125

13981x8 HDMI v1.3 1080p Dist AmpNon Serviceable

1398A1x8 HDMI v1.3 1080p Dist Amp150

1398B1x8 HDMI Distribution Amp150

2006HLX 6-Slot Primary Card Cage400

2014HLX 4-Slot Expansion Card Cage300

2114HLX 4-In HD Video/Audio Card125

2124HLX 4-In Video/Audio Card375

2174HLX 4-In Analog Audio Card75

2214HLX 4-Out Video/Audio Card125

2248HLX Dual Cat 5 HD Card200

2278HLX 8-Out Analog Audio Card150

2401Single Line UTP Transient Voltage Suppressor65

241212-Line UTP Transient Voltage Suppressor650

2801-USHD-IP Digital Video Transmitter125

2811-USHD-IP Digital Video Receiver125

9A60VGA-YPbPr Transcoder60

9A60AVGA-YPbPr Transcoder60

977RPODigital Optical to Coaxial Audio ConverterNon Serviceable

977TPODigital Coaxial to Optical Audio ConverterNon Serviceable

979RDigital PCM Audio to Analog ConverterNon Serviceable

979TAnalog to Digital PCM Audio ConverterNon Serviceable

98701:2 Cat 5 Distribution Kit**

98711:2 Cat 5 Residential Driver125

9878Residential Cat 5 Wallplate75

9879Décora Cat 5 Terminal75

9880On/In-Wall Cat 5 Receiver75

9880T1:1 Dual Cat 5 Transmitter75

ADX-08088x8 Analog Audio Matrix350

ADX-161616x16 Analog Audio Matrix400

AMP-123512CH 35WPC Zone AmplifierNon Serviceable

AVD-71DSix Drive Cat5 Décora Dist System**

AVM-562AVAtrix 6x7 Cat 5 Matrix400

AVM-562EAVAtrix 6x7 Cat 5 Matrix w/ Extended Bus400

AVP-111:1 Cat 5 Transmission System**

AVP-11D1:1 Décora Cat 5 Transmission System**

C-1024ABose Home Theater Controller65

C-1071Bluebeam IR to Bluetooth ConverterNon Serviceable

C-1071ABluebeam IR to Bluetooth Converter45

CMX-1444x4 A/V Matrix250

HBT200RLong Range HDMI Extender Receiver125

HBT200TLong Range HDMI Extender Transmitter125

HMX-1444x4 HDMI v1.3 Matrix RouterNon Serviceable

HMX-2444x4 HDMI Matrix w/ UTP Outputs300

HXE-11Digital Video 1-Coax Extender Kit**

SCP-111:1 Cat 5 A/V Extender**

SCP-11D1:1 Cat 5 Décora A/V Extender**

SF-16MSonaflex Matrix AmplifierCall for estimate

** Refer to component price when calculating service fee.

Section 3: Commercial Demonstration Products

Part NumberPart DescriptionFlat Rate (US Dollars)

978-60978 60A Power SupplyCall for Service Availability

978-100978 100A Power SupplyCall for Service Availability

1020VSAudio/Video Bench Test Unit125

All DirectSelect ModulesDirect Select Switching Modules

All Access Control PanelsAccess (Series 9) Control Panels

All Access Expansion ModulesExpansion Units for Access (Series 9) Main Modules45

All Access Main ModulesAccess Main Modules (original Access and AccessEZ)

16xx Series Audio AmpsAnalog Audio Amplifiers

* Power supplies have a per module charge in addition to the flat rate service fee.

Section 4: Aviation Ground Power Products

Part NumberPart DescriptionFlat Rate (US Dollars)
2835A28V 35A** Aviation Ground Power Unit***100+375 Per Module*

2835A-B128V 35A** Aviation Ground Power Unit w/ Integral BatteryMINDer100+375 Per Module*

2860A28V 60A Continuous GPU w/ Meters100+125 Per Module*

2870A28V 70A Aviation Ground Power Unit***100+375 Per Module*

2870A-B128V 70A Aviation Ground Power Unit w/ Integral BatteryMINDer100+375 Per Module*

* Power supplies have a per module charge in addition to the flat rate service fee.

** 2835A and 2835A-B1 may be upgraded to 70A units for $500.

*** 2835A and 2870A may be upgraded with integral BatteryMINDer for $300.

More Information:

Due to a lack of parts availability, Series 5 and older products are no longer seviceable. Please call our Sales Department to discuss the best way to update your system.

This service policy as of March 1, 2012 supersedes all previous service policies.

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