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Restaurant with Live Music

In this application the SF-16M Matrix Amplifier drives speakers in five separate zones: the main dining area, the bar, the restrooms, the waiting area and on the patio. The equipment rack, located in the office, includes a streaming media player, satellite radio and a 5-disc CD changer for background music.

The bar area, which includes a stage for live music, includes an FPM-X FlexPort module. The FPM-X accepts the XLR output from a local mixer at the stage. Prior to live performances the sound operator presses the FPM-X override button, which is programmed to select the the band's audio mixer on speakers in the dining area and bar. 

In the waiting area, a push-to-talk microphone is connected to a FPM-B module, which overrides audio in the waiting area, restrooms and outside with paging announcements.

Live Music Application
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