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Cable Solutions ( is an Authorized Online Reseller of Audio Authority products. Items purchased through Cable Solutions receive full warranty protection and access to technical support through Audio Authority Corp.

Beware of Unauthorized Resellers: Audio Authority Corp. makes every effort to prevent the unauthorized sale of its products on the internet, and restricts the online sale of its products to a few carefully selected e-tailers. We have selected these outlets because of their high degree of service, support, and their demonstrated ability to understand and correctly recommend and specifiy our products.

A few things to be aware of when considering an online purchase of our products:

Warranty - our warranty support is only guaranteed for customers who purchased their items in new condition from an authorized dealer. Warranty protection may not apply to products purchased from unauthorized sources, and does not apply to used products.

Customer Care - our reseller network is equipped with the latest information about our products, and have a demonstrated history of technical expertise and knoweldge that equips them to meet customer needs. We strive to offer products only through companies that can make accurate, qualified recommendations and reasonably answer questions about our products.


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