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Remote control for the AVX-562
IR Remote Control for AVAtrix
Model 1105BK

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$30.00 USD

A full featured IR remote that works with AVAtrix, 1156, and 1166. Designed for AVM-562 firmware version 1.0 or greater. One 1105BK is included in each AVM-562 system.

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Use this attractive and convenient remote to control your AVAtrix. All setup tasks can be performed using the remote as well as the front panel or the Setup Utility for PC. Place one remote in each room where a Cat 5 receiver is located to switch inputs for that room (3rd party IR receiver required). Two AAA batteries included.

This is not a learning remote, and only operates the AVM-562, AVM-661, AVM-561, 1166, 1156, systems.



Q. Do you have IR codes available for the 1105 remote?
Yes. The 1105 codes are already included in the databases of many universal remote control manufacturers. We also provide a ccf file if you would like the discrete hex codes.

Q. The 1105BK has different labeling on some of the buttons compared with the 1105 (silver) remote. Are the IR codes different?
No. The IR codes are exactly the same, but the version 2.6 firmware in the AVAtrix interprets the commands differently for the new features. AVX-562 systems are shipped with version 2.6 firmware or higher, but older AVAtrix systems can be upgraded to take advantage of the new features. The original silver remote control is compatible with version 2.6, but the labeling on the remote does not completely correspond to the new features.

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