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Intercom Product News

Many of the new Series III Intercom models have been shipping since October 1! Phase 1 includes most of the new models like the counter station, mini hubs and the dual lane station. Phase 2 will bring you some new features for 1510 hubs and next-gen video screens in 2024. Check out the details below.

Counter Station: Model 1500B and 1500BH

  • New features: sleek magnetic keypad for easy lane key color setup, grounded jacks. 1500BH handset cradle has a magnetic hookswitch - see below. Headset jack does not requre an adapter. Modular handset and video upgrades are easily performed in the field.
  • Bottom line: the counter station will retain most of the features of the 1500A, including the best audio in the business. Easy field-upgrades mean fewer counter station models you need to keep in stock. Works with compatible wireless headsets using standard cable.
  • Backwards compatible: works with previous 1500 series hubs and lane stations. 
  • Availability: Phase 1 (October 2023).

Handset Cradle with Magnetic Hook Switch: Model 1503B

  • New features: the all-new cradle is designed for easy field installation. The magnetic hook switch is ultra-reliable. Wall-mount version available.
  • Bottom line: easy field install means fewer counter station models to keep in stock. 
  • Compatibility: must be installed on 1500B counter stations.
  • Availability: Phase 1 (October 2023).

Video Mini Hub: Model 1509BV

  • New features: two-way video, new mini-hub form factor, grounded jacks for better signal integrity.
  • Bottom line: The majority of video installations fall in the 1:1 up to 2:4 range. The 1500 series has the 1:1 configurations covered very well, and with the new video mini-hub, the remainder of the small to mid-size system configurations with video will be much more cost-effective and profitable to install. 
  • Backwards compatible: works with previous 1500 counter and lane stations. Easily add video to an audio system using the same counter and lane stations.
  • Availability: Phase 1 (October 2023).

Audio Mini Hub: Model 1509B

  • New features: grounded jacks for better audio.
  • Backwards compatible: works with previous 1500 counter and lane stations. Does not include program audio inputs.
  • Bottom Line: the 1509B is an updated version of our current audio mini hub, so its other features will not change, beyond the removal of audio inputs for advertising content. This feature is still available on 1510 hubs.
  • Availability: Phase 1 (October 2023).

Dual Lane Station: Model 1522B

  • New features: 1:1 and 1:2 functionality for audio systems without a hub. 
  • Bottom line: the 1522B will be essential for two lane audio systems. The 1500 series has always been perfect for single lane systems - no hub required. Now our dual lane station gives you the same efficiency for common deal drawer +1 lane configurations. 
  • Backwards compatible: works with previous 1500 counter stations. Not compatible with 1580 series.
  • Availability: Phase 1 (October 2023).

1522B Dual Lane Station
Lane Station: Model 1520B 
  • New Features: grounded jacks prevent ground loops and preserve audio integrity.
  • Bottom line: The 1520 remains a solid performer with all the connection points you rely on.
  • Backwards compatible: works with previous 1500 counter stations and hubs. 
  • Availability: Phase 1 (October 2023).

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