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SonaFlex Videos

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See SonaFlex Tips for more topics.


SonaFlex App v1.0

(YouTube link)

The app gives users an easy way to interact with the SonaFlex without using a third party control system.

The iOS version is available in the iTunes App Store.



SonaFlex Utility v2.0

(YouTube link)

Get a preview of the new setup utility that makes it easy to program the SF-16M with all the features of firmware version 1.5. There is a new DSP graph, and all commands are executed live when you are connected to the SF-16M.

Test drive on Windows or Mac:


BZB Distributor Review:
SonaFlex 16 Channel Matrix Amplifier

(YouTube link)

Our distributor, BZB Express reviews the SonaFlex SF-16M 16-Channel Digital Matrix Amplifier.


SonaFlex Front Panel Menu

(YouTube link)

Get a look at the new SonaFlex menu structure. We streamlined the menu for easy setup from the front panel. The new menu also makes it practical to use the front panel for day-to-day control, if you don't plan to use a third party control system.


Using Mono and Stereo in a SonaFlex Audio System

Most consumer devices have stereo outputs, but in reality, mono is often more desirable for audio distribution. With SonaFlex, you can have both. It's easy to set up inputs and outputs for mono and stereo using the SF-16M front panel or your PC. Download the free PC utility and take it for a test drive!

Video Tutorial:
How to Set Up SonaFlex Overrides and Sound Scenes

(YouTube link)

Overrides and sound scenes are unique features of the SF-16M that offer advanced functionality with a minimum of installation and programming time. Ideal for homes and light commercial applications such as restaurants, classrooms, and nightclubs. This video covers how to set up ten overrides and ten sound scene presets, plus FlexPort overrides. 

Test drive on Windows or Mac:

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