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The App for ADX Control 


App Features:

  • Choose a source
  • Adjust volume
  • Adjust bass and treble
  • Turn off/on power in a zone 
  • Simple mode for Android tablets

The Android app is available in the Google Play store.


The iOS app is available as a side load, and no longer supported by Audio Authority.

ADX app for iOS ADX app for iOS (3.72 MiB)


Go to product details to see all ADX-0808 and ADX-1616 features. 

ADX Control App Guide ADX Control App Guide [View] (2.53 MiB)


The ADX App allows users to interact with an ADX system without using any other controller. The ADX is a matrix pre-amplifier - it accepts inputs from multiple sources and distributes the audio signals to multiple amplifiers. With the ADX App, users can control the source, volume, and EQ settings in each zone output over a network using a smart phone or tablet. The ADX allows up to two network connections at once, so two people can use their apps at the same time. 


What can I do with the ADX App?

With the ADX App, users can choose a source and adjust audio settings in each zone over a network using a smart phone or tablet running Android or iOS*. 

Is the App complex to set up?

Go to the Setup screen for the app and enter the ADX IP address – you are ready to start using it! Some advanced features, like groups and favorites, require setup using the ADX PC or Mac Setup Utility. Without any custom setup the app can select sources, set volume levels, adjust DSP, mute, and turn on/off zone power.

How many users are allowed?

An unlimited number of users are possible, but the ADX allows up to four network connections at a time, so four people can actively use their devices at the same time. 

Is there a basic mode for tablets?

Yes, the Simple Mode is designed for use on an Android tablet, and only allows the most basic controls.  

* The ADX app is designed for use with all versions of Android OS. This app is offered as a free convenience, and is not guaranteed to be compatible with a specific device. The iOS version is available for side load only, and not guaranteed to be compatible with any specific device.



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