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Updating HLX Firmware

The HLXfirmware update procedure you should use depends on the version you are starting with. If your HLX firmware is at version 1.3.0 or earlier, or your system bootloader* is less than 2.0.0, it is vital to follow the procedure below. Please call Audio Authority technical support before you begin the process.

* The system bootloader is the second line on the Firmware Versions menu item (1.2.0 is shown). Each HLX expander card also shows a bootloader version next to its firmware version, but these are not critical to the HLX firmware update procedures.

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Extended Firmware Update Procedure
The update operations described below must be done in the order directed. Follow these steps exactly:
  1. Call Audio Authority Technical Support and download the latest HLXfirmware update file to a USB drive.
  2. Disconnect AC power, then press and hold the knob while connecting power.
  3. Insert the USB drive and select HLXBREP.HFF file as the firmware file.
  4. DO NOT press the knob after the update is finished! Disconnect AC power from the HLX.
  5. Connect AC power again DO NOT press the knob until boot up is done.
  6. Wait for the BLREP to load; then select HLXBL200.BL file. Wait for the update to finish.
  7. Disconnect AC power, then press and hold the knob while connecting power.
  8. Select HLX_V210.HFF file. Wait for the update to finish; the HLX reboots.
  9. Once the HLX boots up, select Firmware Update in the menu.
  10. Select the HLX_V210.HFF file. The expansion cards are updated, and the system card updates a second time. The HLX reboots; the entire update is now complete. Check the Firmware Versions menu item to make sure all system and card firmware versions are 2.2.0. The bootloader is 2.0.0.
Download a PDF version of these instructions.

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