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SonaFlex Control Partners


RTI Partner

SonaFlex Driver for RTI Serial or Ethernet Control

Download RTI 2-way Driver for SF-16M RTI 2-way Driver for SF-16M (13.55 KiB)

RTI Driver Configuration
After adding the RTI driver to your XP-3, XP-6 or XP-8 controller, highlight it in the list of drivers and Select Ethernet or Serial in the Connection Type box. 

 •   If you selected Ethernet, enter the IP address of the SF-16M in the IP address box.
 •   If you selected Serial, select the serial port on your controller that the SF-16 is connected to.

Sending Commands
Program a button for each desired command using the following procedure. Click on the drivers tab in the library browser. At the bottom of the window, you will see the Driver Command list. Click on the command that you want to send. Fill in the parameters such as source or volume level in the boxes below the command window. Then drag the command onto the appropriate buttons in remote window.
Alternatively, you can right click a button, select properties and on the driver command tab select the command to send from the menu.

Displaying Feedback on the Remote
The status of all settings on the SF-16M can be provided to the user via Variables. In the Variables window in the library browser, select the variable that you wish to show and then select how it should be displayed from the Assign to: box. Now when the status of the SF-16M changes, the interface will reflect this. This function can be used to make volume or EQ sliders or to show the name or number of the currently selected source. See RTI programming videos to learn more about your options when using variables on an interface.

Note:  For boolean type varaibles such as mute on or mute off, two variables are provided. One for the true state and one for the false state. Some buttons in the RTIPanel application do not have selectable default state (on/off) so this allows those commands to operate correctly no matter the default state of a button/toggle switch.

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