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Series 1500 Firmware Download

These instructions are applicable to 1500 Series Intercoms with v4.0 or higher firmware. If your system is not SD card-compatible, or has v3.9 or earlier firmware, call Audio Authority Tech Support.

Version 4.07 firmware is now released and features video power save. It removes the video signal to counter stations when power save is enabled. This feature will be most benifitial with LCD backlights in the new generation of counter station video heads.
    The firmware update is now available for download, but it is not necessary for most installations. All new 1500 and 1580 series equipment will be shipping with version 4.07 firmware.


    How to Use the Series 1500 Firmware Download

    For Blank SD Cards
    Two files are required to use a blank SD card for updating 1500 Intercom components. Download both files linked below, and copy them onto a blank Secure Digital card.

    Series 1500 Firmware Update v4.07 Series 1500 Firmware Update v4.07 (125.42 KiB)

    Blank configuration file (AA1500.CFG)

    For Existing Series 1500 SD Memory Cards
    The card must have a .CFG and a .PGM file on it for use with Series 1500 Intercom Systems. If you have a 1500 system backup on a card that you would like to preserve, copy only the Firmware file (AA1500.PGM) onto the card, and leave the existing configuration backup (AA1500.CFG) intact.

    Series 1500 Firmware Update v4.07 Series 1500 Firmware Update v4.07 (125.42 KiB)

    See below for update procedure details.
    1500 Intercom Firmware Upgrade 

    Updating Firmware

    Note: This update may take several minutes. The intercom system cannot be used during this time, so plan for several minutes of down-time to complete the upgrade.

    It is best to use a Model 1500A Counter Station for the update, with Version 4.0 or higher installed. Make sure that an SD Card with the latest firmware version is installed in the card slot of the 1509SD or 1517SD hub card and perform the following procedure:
    1. Connect a 1550 Installer Setup Tool to the underside of a Counter Station
    2. Go into setup mode by holding the counter station Setup key for 2 seconds
    3. Press Key 5 (on second row)
    4. Press Key 4 (on top row)
    5. Press the Mirror key (Update All)
    6. Press the Setup key twice (Once for your selection and once to confirm)
    After the procedure, the 1550 Installer Setup Tool shows a message stating “Firmware Update Complete”. Otherwise, wait 10 minutes to be sure the update is finished.

    Contact Audio Authority Technical Support with questions.

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