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SonaFlex Firmware Change Log

SF-16M Firmware Version 1.5.2 SF-16M Firmware Version 1.5.2 (265.62 KiB) : - 3/4/15

1. * BACKUP YOUR SETTINGS BEFORE APPLYING FIRMWARE UPDATE * - the save format has been changed to accomodate new data structures.

2. The app for Android and iOS requires this version for functionality.
3. The front panel menus have been redesigned. Inputs are now referred to as sources. Outputs are automatically grouped into 16 “Zones” (see information  about Zones in the SF-16M QuickStart SF-16M QuickStart [View] (2.70 MiB) ).
4. Added serial commands to allow Zone control.
a. [u#o##z##] - unit # (1-4), output # (1-16), zone # (1-16) - set the output membership to the zone
b. [u#z##bass##] - unit # (1-4), zone # (1-16), bass level (dB) - set the zone bass level
c. [u#z##bassd] - unit # (1-4), zone # (1-16) - decrements the zone bass level
d. [u#z##bassu] - unit # (1-4), zone # (1-16) - increments the zone bass level
e. [u#z##ld#] - unit # (1-4), zone # (1-16), loudness (0 off, 1 on) - set zone loudness on or off
f. [u#z##m#] - unit # (1-4), zone # (1-16), mute (0 off, 1 on) - set zone muting on or off
g. [u#z##n"@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@"] - unit # (1-4), zone # (1-16), name - set zone name
h. [u#z##i##] - unit # (1-4), zone # (1-16), input # (1-16) - set zone input
i. [u#z##treb##] - unit #, zone #, treble level (dB) - set the zone treble
j. [u#z##trebd] - decrement treble
k. [u#z##trebu] - increment treble
l. [u#z##v##] - unit, zone, volume (dB) - set zone volume
m. [u#z##vd] - unit, zone - decrement zone volume
n. [u#z##mv##] - unit, zone, max volume - set the zone max volume
o. [u#z##mxto###] - unit, zone, turn on volume (dB) - set the zone power on max volume
p. [u#z##mnto###] - unit, zone, turn on volume - set the zone power on min volume
q. [u#z##vu] - unit, zone - increment zone volume
r. [u#z##g##a] - unit, zone, group - add the outputs in the zone to a group
s. [u#z##g##r] - unit, zone, group - remove the outputs in the zone from the group
5. Check to re-synchronize stereo pairs when switching from mono state.
6. Fixed counting error in the output responses for sound scenes.

SF-16M Firmware Version 1.4.0 SF-16M Firmware Version 1.4.0 (252.10 KiB) : - 1/21/15

1. Changed SonaFlex controller OS version to improve stability.

2. Harmonized SDDP and Ethernet functionality. 

3. If there is a problem with the assigned IP address the front panel shows an error message.

4. The SonaFlex now automatically selects a valid static address when you turn off DHCP and then commit the settings.

5. Improved Ethernet functionality to prevent telnet crashes.

Beta Version 1.3.4 - 3/31/14

1. Additional safeguards against crashes.

2. Serial output indicates active/inactive status.

3. SDDP turned off by default, resets to default for firmware updates.

4. New command to enable SDDP.

Beta Version 1.3.3 - 2/7/14

Corrected a bug for output 5: inputs 8 and 9 were reversed.

System Card Version 1.3.1

Added support for Control4 SDDP protocol.On boot up, when an ethernet connection is present, the SF-16M sends out a NOTIFY ALIVE multicast message on port 1902 to group This message is repeated every half hour (approximately).
Additionally, during an Ethernet commit, a NOTIFY OFFLINE message is sent and once the connection has been re-established a NOTIFY ALIVE message is sent.
SDDP request messages sent to the multicast group are responded to using a unicast to the original message sender.
 Finally, a NOTIFY IDENTIFY message is sent if the back button is pressed 4 times while on the root menu screen.

Full Version 1.3.0 - 10/8/12

System Card Version 1.3.0

Changed the unit number detection so that the unit will enter manufacturing mode if the unit number is 7. The front panel IR is set to on; sleep is disabled, and trigger is set to enabled.Removed the extra triggering of settings when manufacturing mode is entered manually.
Changed the PWM controller chip initialization routine to not stop when there is a single write failure; it will continue to try and write so that when the output board is debugged, it will be possible to determine if an individual PWM chip is bad or if the digital logic routing the I2C is bad.
Added USB file import and export procedures. These will allow backing up and restoring settings from USB drive.
Set the file extension for the file import/export to .SF6.

LPC1764 Version 1.3.0

Changed baud rate to 9615.4 baud for the RS-485 communication.

    Flexport Version 1.0.0

    1. Changed baud rate to 9615.4 baud for the RS-485 communication.

    Full Version 1.2.0 - 6/26/12

    System Card Version 1.2.0

    1. Removed entering manufacturing mode if a loopback plug is detected. This will eliminate inadvertent problems caused when multiple SF-16M units are connected together through serial.
    2. Modified the [mfgmode1] command so that it will set the sleep timer to off, the front panel IR to on, and the trigger to audio sense + trigger to help test the unit.
    3. Changed the factory default settings of the outputs from mute off to mute on.  This will help prevent inadvertent turning on of the unit in the case that it crashes and resets the settings.
    4. Held the keyboard chip in reset during save and load commands. Should prevent some issues with saving causing the unit to reset and lose settings.
    5. Changed how the screen is reset when booting, loading settings, or turning on or off front panel lock. The screen is now only set to the main menu when returning from a front panel lock request. Otherwise it remains on the whatever screen is currently selected during a load or a front panel unlock command.

    LPC1764 Version 1.2.0

    1. No changes.

    Full Version 1.1.0 - 6/1/12

    System Card Version 1.1.0

    1. Added support for notifying flex-port wallplates that an override has occurred.
    2. Changed the query all output to include loudness.
    3. Changed the query output to include loudness.
    4. When loading data from the EEPROM, a single failure would cause the unit to reset to defaults. Now a failed page read will retry 2 times before giving up.
    5. Outputs that are powered off will now not appear to have output levels on the vertical bars screen.
    6. The method for serial reception and loop out was changed in order to increase the speed of processing.
    7. The all query command was adjusted to add delays after chunks of serial output. This slows down the all query command but also allows the loop back  response to work properly.

    LPC1764 Version 1.1.0

    1. Disabled RS485 reception during transmission to allow flexport wallplate  communication to work without receiving what is being sent.

    Full Version 1.0.0 - 5/3/2012

    1. Initial release of 1.0.0 for system card, input card, and respective

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