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SonaFlex Technical Tips: DSP and EQ settings

The SonaFlex SF-16M can be set up to apply one or more filters to fine tune each output. See the PC Setup Utility video tutorial for a basic demonstration. Loudness, Bass, and Treble are the basic filters, but there are a number of more advanced filters that can be applied.

Advanced DSP filters (digital signal processing) include:
  • Parametric EQ
  • Low shelf and high shelf filters
  • Low pass and high pass filters
Q: Can you use the 7-Band EQ at the same time as a Low Pass Filter?

A: Not quite. You could use a 6-band EQ with a Low Pass filter, because there are seven possible filters available. You can use some of them for parametric EQ, and others for other types of filters. See the PC Setup Utility video tutorial for a parametric EQ demonstration.

Q. What's the difference between Low Pass and Low Shelf filter?
A: Low pass and high pass filters are used with a 2.1 setup (subwoofer and satellite speakers), completely removing the upper or lower frequencies from the signal.  Low shelf and high shelf filters are really just bass and treble controls, boosting or trimming the upper or lower frequencies. One added feature is the ability to specify the frequency as well as the dB gain or trim.

Q: What is "Loudness"?
Your ear perceives the "loudness" of a sound differently depending on pitch. High pitches and low pitches do not sound as loud as midrange pitches, when played at low volume. The human ear's response to different frequencies is described by "Fletcher-Munson curves," first researched in 1933. "Loudness" compensates for the low and high pitch ranges which sound softer than the midrange. Another way to say it is that Loudness simulates the sound of loud music when you are listening at lower volume.

Q: What does the SonaFlex "Loudness" filter do?
In the SonaFlex, Loudness is a DSP preset that applies +5 dB gain to bass and treble. Essentially, it applies low shelf and high shelf filters to an output (Frequencies are 200Hz Low shelf, 3000Hz High shelf).

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