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Introducing ZQ™ 10-Band Equalization
for Multi-Zone Audio Systems

What is ZQ?
  • Audio Authority’s ground breaking multi-zone graphic equalization DSP, available exclusively on HLX and ADX multi-zone audio platforms
  • 10 bands of zone equalization with real-time monitoring and fine-tune adjustment of each frequency band
  • A powerful zone setup tool for the custom installer


Real-Time Adjustment from Portable Controllers
Optimize multi-zone audio performance on-the-fly with any RS-232 or Ethernet based user interface. A 3rd party control system, laptop or other device can be used to tune every room using simple telnet or serial commands. ZQ is a tremendous installation tool for the custom installer or a detailed audio control for the discerning listener.*

Save and Recall EQ Presets
Using the ADX or HLX PC utility, each zone's EQ settings can be adjusted and saved as a preset file – an incredibly useful tool for backing up a zone’s EQ settings, copying settings to other rooms or using an EQ preset on your next ADX or HLX installation.

Try it out: The PC Utility is available as a free download for ADX and HLX. You can run the utility to get a feel for ZQ capabilities, even before you have an HLX or ADX system.

High-End Performance at a Break-Through Price Point
ZQ delivers a superior audio experience at a fraction of the price of other multi-zone systems. ZQ is currently built into Audio Authority Multi-Zone Audio Switchers ADX-0808 and ADX-1616, as well as the HLX 2278 and 2214 zone cards.

More Features to Come

Since ZQ is built into the advanced DSP of Audio Authority ADX and HLX audio switchers, future ZQ tools can be added with a simple firmware update in the field. Stay tuned as more innovative DSP features become available. Keep informed via our CI e-newsletter.

Why ZQ?
Quite simply, the purpose of Audio Authority’s ZQ equalization technology is to make it easy for every audio zone in the house to deliver the best sonic performance possible — just the beginning in our quest to deliver the best audio in the business.

 HLX Modular Matrix System ADX Audio Matrix Switchers 
 The HLX Modular Matrix System incorporates ZQ technology in  zone cards with audio outputs (Model 2278 and 2214). ZQ is not available on Cat 5 zone outputs. All ZQ features, low-pass/high-pass filters, low shelf/high shelf filters, tone, volume control, and balance controls are available via serial and Ethernet commands.

More information about HLX >
 ADX Audio Matrix Switchers provide ZQ technology in 8x8 or 16x16 configurations. ZQ 10-band equalization, low-pass/high-pass filters, low shelf/high shelf filters, tone, volume control, and balance controls are available via serial and Ethernet connections.

More information about ADX >

* Pre-built 3rd party drivers are currently under development. Building your own driver? The command set and complete serial and Ethernet protocol for ZQ control is available in theADXand HLXmanuals.

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