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[Image for 1108]
IR Router
IR Router for AVAtrix
Model 1108 - Discontinued

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$129.00 USD

This specially designed IR router directs IR signals only to the source currently being viewed, preventing erroneous operation of duplicated components. It only works with AVAtrix Whole House Matrix Systems.

Categories: AVAtrix, AVAtrix Discontinued, Discontinued

One 1108 IR router is included with each AVAtrix system. The 1108 automatically routes IR signals from a given wallplate location directly to the source currently selected for that wallplate. This is especially important when there are multiple sources in the equipment room that have identical IR command sets. IR receivers and IR emitters are not included with the 1108. Use compatible 3-wire, 12 volt receivers and emitters.


Using Compatible IR Equipment

Unlike other Audio Authority products, the AVAtrix has an active, 12 volt IR pathway that allows it to power the IR receivers connected to the Wallplates, and drive emitters connected to the AVAtrix. Do not use powered IR systems that are designed to use a separate power source or your equipment could be damaged. The AVAtrix powers IR receivers with 12 volts; do not use IR receivers designed for any other voltage.



Q: What is the pinout for the AVAtrix wallplate/receiver IR jack?
The IR receiver pinout at each wallplate/receiver is Tip = Signal, Ring = Ground, Sleeve = +12 Volts. Connect receivers (12V only) directly to the wallplate/receiver jack, without a connecting block.

Q: What is the emitter pinout for the AVAtrix IR Output jack?
The Emitter pinout (IR Output on AVAtrix and 1108) is Tip = Signal, Sleeve = Ground. Use only non-powered emitters, without connecting block.

Q: Does the AVAtrix pass through all IR commands from the Cat 5 wallplates to its IR output jack, including the native IR commands from the 1105?
No, only the third party IR signals meant to reach the sources are output on the IR Ouput jack. Native 1105 commands that trigger switching in the AVAtrix itself are not passed through to the IR Output jack, even when originating on a third party learning remote.

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