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[Image for 9878]
9878 Wallplate
Dual Cat 5 Stainless Wallplate Receiver
Model 9878 - Discontinued

$220.00 USD
Key Features:
  • Dual Cat 5 Receiver
  • Stainless, dual-gang style
  • Component video, analog audio, digital audio
  • 3.5mm front panel IR connection
  • Compatible with all Audio Authority dual Cat 5 systems
  • Designed and manufactured in Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Categories: HLX, AVAtrix, HLX, Extender, Distribution

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[Installation Example]
Installation Example

The 9878 Wallplate can be used with the Audio Authority AVAtrix (connected to the Model 1176 Router Expander), or a 9871 Cat 5 Driver.

When connected to a compatible Audio Authority driver, the 9878 provides pristine component video, digital coaxial audio, analog L/R audio, and an IR receiver input, along with an F-connector pass-through for convenience.

The 9878 features durable stainless steel construction and a cable length compensation adjustment to maintain image and sound quality over long Cat 5 runs. It fits in a standard US Dual-Gang wall box for convenience in installation.

  • Durable, one-piece, stainless steel wall plate design
  • One inch shallow mounting depth
  • Cable length compensation adjustment allows the installer to fine tune image and sound quality over long Cat 5 runs
  • F-connector pass-through jack for convenient antenna connection (requires separate coax cable run)
  • Fits in a standard US dual-gang wall box
  • Compatible with: Models 1170, 1171, 1176, 9871, 9870, AVX-661, and AVX-561

The 9878 is one of three Cat 5 receivers compatible with the 1100 Series. Use any combination of receivers in the same system for the perfect mix of logistics and aesthetics. View a Cat 5 Receiver comparison table.

** Caution ** Always correctly pair and terminate Cat 5 cables, and test pairing and continuity before connecting power to the driver and Wallplate. Incorrect cable termination, or plugging a cable into the wrong port can result in Wallplate damage.

Product Dimensions
(H-W-D, inches)

  • Model 9878 Wallplate: 4.75 X 4.75 X 1



Q: Is this a balun system?
No, the 9878 is a powered, active receiver for a differential balanced line system. The concepts are similar, but there are two important differences.

Q: Can I run IR either way down the IR pathway?
Not if you are using an AVAtrix (1156 or 1166 at the head end) because the AVAtrix is expecting to receive IR signals, not send them. The IR input on the 1156/66 controls the AVAtrix only, and is not able to send commands to other products at the Wallplate location. The DuoDrive (Model 1170) and SixDrive (Model AVM-71) do allow IR to pass either way. See our technical document on the subject.

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