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[Image for AVX-661]
Model AVX-661
6x7 Home Theater Routing System with DVI and Component Video
Model AVX-661 - Discontinued

$3999.00 USD


This configuration has been discontinued.

Please order the AVX-661-NR.

The revolutionary AVAtrix Home Theater Routing System makes it easy to view any source from any video display at any time. The system uses Cat 5 to deliver pristine HD picture, digital and analog sound up to 1,000 feet from the source over a pair of Cat 5 cables.

Six inputs, six Cat 5 outputs featuring HD Component Video, Analog Audio, and Digital Audio. A local output includes native DVI-D switching. IR network for control from room. Expandable up to 37 total outputs (including local output).

System includes Cat 5 receivers: six Model 9879 Wallplates

Categories: AVAtrix, Discontinued

[AVX-661 Rear]
AVX-661 Rear
[Wallplate (9879)]
Wallplate (9879)
[Rear view]
Rear view
[Remote Control]
Remote Control
[IR Router]
IR Router

This product is Discontinued.

General Description
The AVAtrix AVX-661 provides DVI (or HDMI with adapter) and component video connection of sources, and distributes HD signals up to 1,000 feet away to convenient Wallplates mounted wherever televisions are to be located.

The local DVI output offers native DVI video up to 1080p (or HDMI with adapter) and converted component video content from the analog component video inputs. This feature allows you to easily integrate component video and DVI sources so that you don't have to switch TV inputs; both analog and digital sources are available on the local AVAtrix DVI output.

  • 6-in x 7-out matrix router; any of six sources may be routed to any remote output, or the local output
  • Local DVI output also delivers converted content from component video inputs (analog YPbPr is converted to digital DVI-D)
  • System is expandable up to 36 remote Wallplate outputs
  • Resolutions: Any, up to 1080p 
  • Maximum Distribution Range: 1,000 feet over Cat 5e

Source Inputs (up to six)

  • Component video
  • Digital audio (coaxial and optical)
  • Analog stereo audio

Audio and Video Outputs

  • Local Output: DVI, component video, digital audio (coaxial and optical) and analog stereo audio
  • Six Wallplate outputs (two Cat 5 cables each) for matrix distribution to remote Wallplate/receivers
  • Six Model 9879 Wallplates feature component video, digital coaxial audio, stereo analog audio, and 3.5mm minijack connection for IR control signals

* This system is compatible with consumer DVI sources and displays. It is not compatible with the digital DVI output from a PC.

Homeowners - The AVAtrix is perfect for sending your favorite media from a central location to anywhere around your home. Simply plug your sources into the AVAtrix, run the Cat 5 cables to where you want to watch TV, connect the Wallplates, and select what you'd like to watch. It keeps electronic clutter out of sight while delivering pristine high definition anywhere you want it. Note: While the AVAtrix is ideal for new construction or an existing home, it does require special knowledge and tools to install. We suggest you contact a local custom home installation specialist. Many installation specialists are members of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association and can be located through the CEDIA website.

Integrators - This is your ticket to quicker, simpler, headache-free installations. Two Cat 5 cables are all you need - they do the work of six coaxial cable runs plus provide an IR pathway for source control. Balanced line technology allows for superior noise rejection and excellent picture quality. The AVX-661 is perfectly suited for home use, restaurant television distribution, digital signage, even retail demonstrations of HDTV.

Resolutions (DVI and component video)

  • High definition (720p, 1080i, 1080p)
  • Standard definitions (480i, 480p, 576i, 576p)

Signal Formats

  • DVI inputs (or HDMI with adapter)
  • Source inputs include DVI, YPbPr, digital audio (optical and coaxial) and analog audio
  • Local outputs include DVI, YPbPr, digital audio (optical and coaxial) and analog audio
  • Component video source signals available as YPbPr and DVI on local outputs
  • Remote Wallplate outputs include component video, digital audio and analog audio

Routing Control Methods

  • Front panel controls
  • Front panel IR
  • IR input on rear panel
  • RS-232 connection on rear panel
  • IR receivers connected to remote Wallplates (IR receivers not included)

IR Router
The AVAtrix includes an IR Router, Model 1108, that is unique in the industry. The 1108 allows IR signals returned from a Wallplate/receiver to control only the source currently routed to that Wallplate output.

System Contents

  • (1) Model 1166 HD AutoSelector w/ DVI and Component Video
  • (1) Model 1176 HD Matrix Router
  • (6) Model 9879 Cat 5 Wallplates
  • (1) Model 1108 IR Router
  • (1) Model 1105 IR Remote Control
  • (1) Internal Bus Connection Cable
  • (2) 18V DC Power Adapters

Optional Accessories

  • Wallplate/Receiver alternatives include Model 9878 shallow depth dual gang Wallplate, and the Model 9880 on-wall or in-wall Cat 5 receiver. View a Cat 5 Receiver comparison table.
  • Model 1172 Audio Interface for integration with whole house audio systems
  • Model 1109 IR Injector to enable in-bound or out-bound traffic on the AVAtrix Cat 5 IR pathway
  • Model 1176 Matrix Router adds six additional Cat 5 outputs

Product Dimensions (inches, H-W-D)

  • AVAtrix head end unit (1166+1176): 5.25 X 16.625 X 9.25 - add 0.5 to height to include feet
  • Wallplate: 4 x 1.6 x 2.75 (not including Decora trim cover)
  • IR Router: 5.375 X 2.625 X 1.3




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