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[Image for HX-050]
HX-050 BrightSign GPIO Adapter
AirSelect BrightSign Adapter
HX-050 - New!

  • Intuitive interaction without touch
  • Connect up to four proximity sensors
  • Perfect for product selection and volume controls
  • Compact, simple design
  • RJ9 plugs for easy installation - sold separately

Categories: AirSelect, User Interfaces, PSB

[GPIO Adapter]
GPIO Adapter

The AirSelect Sensor Adapter for BrightSign
AirSelect PX-101 sensors are designed to replace traditional push-buttons in BrightSign digital signage applications. The HX-050 connects AirSelect proximity sensors to BrightSign media players via RJ9 cables. The standard 802-807 harness is 1.5m long, with other lengths available upon request.

Retrofit an existing display by replacing standard 19mm product select buttons and volume control buttons with PX-101. The LED lights invite customers to interact, and confirm the user's actions. Connects to BrightSign GPIO with RJ9 cables (available in several lengths) via HX-050 adapter

Why is the AirSelect Sensor Special? The PX-101 offers several advantages:

  • Sensors eliminate the need to touch displays, keeping shoppers safe from pathogens
  • The hand shaped sensor window invites users to interact in a familiar, safe way - as familiar as a paper towel dispenser
  • The PX-101 is a drop in replacement for 19mm switches, taking advantage of existing demo systems 
  • The RJ9 plug is simpler than other four-wire switch connections – there is no way to get it wrong, and the latch ensures a secure connection
  • The cable plugs directly into the back of the switch, eliminating the process of feeding cumbersome wires through the hole, or the addition of "pigtail" disconnects in the wire



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