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[Image for FPM-U]
FPM-U (Decora trim cover not included)
FlexPort Audio Transmitter 2-ch RCA via Cat 5
Model FPM-U - Now Shipping

[Buy Online]
$139.00 USD
  • Stereo or mono RCA input
  • Range up to 500 feet from SF-16M
  • Cat 5/6/7 cable
  • Daisy chain option
  • Illuminated override button
  • White, black, ivory, almond inserts included

Categories: Amplifier, Distributed Audio, Audio Matrix, Cat 5 Transmitter

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[Color inserts]
Color inserts


FlexPort™ Audio Input Transmitters serve as remote input modules for SonaFlex™ SF-16M Matrix Amplifiers. FlexPort transmitters are available in several different styles, including balanced line/mic, XLR, digital SPDIF and analog RCA audio signals. Audio signals are transmitted to an SF-16M via Cat 5e/6/7 cable up to 500 feet and made available to specified amplified outputs, and can be shared with up to three additional SF-16M amplifiers. Each transmitter has a convenient override button.

Restaurant application with SF-16M and FlexPort


Key Features
  • Provides convenient remote input point for audio sources such as computers, MP3 players, CD and DVD players
  • Convenient Override switch provides a simple user interface at the transmitter location
  • Differential balanced line technology eliminates interference, enabling FlexPort transmitters to be located up to 500 feet away from the SF-16M without signal degradation
  • Up to four FlexPort transmitters may be used with one SF-16M
  • Simple connection via one Cat 5/6/7 cable; daisy chain two FlexPort transmitters on each SF-16M input

About the SonaFlex SF-16M
The SF-16M digital matrix amplifier is a unique blend of multi-channel amplification, flexible input options, audio matrix switching, signal processing and open control capability.  Designed and assembled in the U.S. with sound and video integrators in mind, the SF-16M offers a new approach to commercial and residential distributed audio applications - one multi-purpose matrix amplifier that can be used in a variety of installations.
  • Input switching, signal processing, and amplification in one unified system
  • 16 analog RCA inputs combined with four Cat 5 “FlexPort” input channels allow for a total 20 mono/10 stereo matrixed inputs
  • 16 amplified outputs can be configured as mono, stereo, or a combination of stereo and mono
  • Up to four SF-16M units can be linked together to form a powerful 16 input x 64 output audio matrix, plus FlexPort inputs
  • Linear power supply delivers the warmth and musicality of an analog amplifier, combined with the responsiveness and headroom required for dynamic music content
  • DSP tools include hi- and low-shelf filters, hi- and low-pass filters, and up to seven bands of parametric equalization per output
  • 10 audio overrides (triggered by contact closure, IR, or RS-232, commands) provide a convenient method to switch to alternate audio inputs for appplications such as paging, local source selection, and room combining
  • 10 preset sound scenes (a system-wide snap-shot of all volume and source settings) can be saved and recalled using IR, RS-232 or IP commands
  • 10 audio groups allow multiple outputs to be grouped to share volume ramping, muting, and source selection
  • Compatible with virtually any control system available using RS-232, Ethernet or IR commands- NEW Control4 Driver v.2.0.2 for SF-16M Control4 Driver v.2.0.2 for SF-16M (63.91 KiB)

Compatible FlexPort Cat 5 Audio Transmitters

    • FPM-D accepts one digital audio source, converting it to analog for transmission to the SF-16 (plus RCA for local analog output)
    • FPM-X accepts mic or line audio, via XLR or 1/4  inch jack, from microphone or mixer outputs
    • FPM-B accepts balanced audio from mixers, microphones, or balanced audio sources includes override connection for push to talk microphones


    S/N Ratio:96dB
    Channel Separation:70dB(channel to channel @1kHz)
    Input Sensitivity: 0.5Vrms
    Input Z Impedance:FPM-U: 20k Ohms, FPM-D: 75 Ohms, FPM-X and FPM-B: 2k Ohms
    Accepted Bit Rates (FPM-D)44.1, 48, or 96KHz 
    Dimensions (H x W x D):4 x 1.65 x 3.65 including mounting tabs; 2.8 x 1.65 x 3.65 without tabs (inches)
    Net Weight:9.5 oz. (270g)
    Shipping Weight:12 oz. (340g)
    Warranty:Two years, parts and labor

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I use mono and stereo sources in the same system?
    A: Yes. Source signals can be split or combined for any output or combination of outputs. For instance, a stereo source can be combined into a mono signal and routed to multiple speaker outputs, and a mono source can be played on both speakers of a stereo output.

    Q: Can I use a serial or telnet command to override a FlexPort input?
    Yes, but make sure the FlexPort module's override type is set to "TOGGLE." If it is set to "MOMENTARY" the override will be instantly shut off by the FlexPort module.

    Q: Can I use FlexPort inputs from one SF-16M on a second SF-16M?
    Yes, FlexPort inputs in an expanded SonaFlex system may either be used separately, or across SF-16M units. The FlexPort output bus jacks must be manually linked to connect from one chassis to the next, so multiple configurations are possible.


    Our Custom Integration Product Guide - High Resolution Custom Integration Product Guide - High Resolution [View] (9.80 MiB) contains many applications for SonaFlex.
    See the custom integration Applications page for FlexPort examples.


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