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Product Listing: Aviation Accessories (18)

[Image for BM-AIK2A]Airframe Interface Kit for Certified Aircraft
Model BM-AIK2A - Improved!

Quick connect harness with rugged handle for maintenance battery charging on FAA-certified aircraft. Adapts the BatteryMINDer's SAE-2 "trailer plug" connector to a mating Anderson SB50. Eligible for installation and approval by any certified mechanic with logbook entry. No Form 337, field approval or STC required. 

Product Details  $69.95 USD

[Image for RTA2415EXP]Battery Connection for Experimental Aircraft
Model RTA2415EXP

Quick connect harness for BatteryMINDer maintenance charger on experimental aircraft only. NOT eligible or legal for installation on FAA certified aircraft. Adapts the BatteryMINDer SAE plug to ring terminals that connect to the master solenoid and airframe ground. DO NOT connect directly to aircraft battery terninals.

Product Details  $29.95 USD

[Image for 904-342]AN2551 3-Pin Aircraft External Power Plug
Model 904-342

AN2551 3-Pin Aircraft External Power Plug

Product Details  $37.50 USD

[Image for 802-689B]Aircraft Jumper Cable
Model 802-689B - Improved!
  • AN2551 oval 3-pin external power plug
  • PVC-coated insulated copper jaw clamps
  • 20 ft. 4AWG cable
Product Details  $150.00 USD

[Image for 802-690B]Piper Aircraft Jumper Cable
Model 802-690B - New!
  • Piper single-pin external power plug
  • PVC-coated insulated copper jaw clamps
  • 20 ft. 4AWG cable
Product Details  $150.00 USD

[Image for 670-420]SB50 Handle Kit with Strain Relief
Model 670-420 - New!

Handle kit for SB50 red or gray connector (SB50 connector or adapter cable sold separately). 

Product Details  $10.00 USD

[Image for 802-694A]BatteryMINDer Adapter Cable
Model 802-694A - New!

Aircraft BatteryMINDer Adapter Cable. SAE-2 plug to SB50 red connector with strain relief.

Product Details  $25.00 USD

[Image for SAE2-6319G1A]JetPROP Adapter (Gray)
Model SAE2-6319G1A - New!

Adapts the BatteryMINDer’s SAE plug to a gray Anderson SB50 to plug for one of the two Concorde batteries in the Piper Malibu/Mirage where it has been converted to a JetPROP PT6 turboprop by Rocket Engineering, Spokane, WA. A separate BatteryMINDer is recommended for each battery, so typically each aircraft requires two of these adapters.

Product Details  $20.00 USD

[Image for SAE2-SBS50]Piper Meridian Adapter (blue)
Model SAE2-SBS50

Adapts the BatteryMINDer’s SAE plug to an Anderson SBS50 to plug into Piper Meridian battery charger interface (S/N 4697256 through 4697525). Outside of this range, install battery charger harness BM-AIK2 Airframe Interface Kit.

Product Details  $25.00 USD

[Image for SBS50BLU-10]Anderson 50A Power Plug (SBS50 Blue)
Model SBS50BLU-10

Anderson 50-Amp DC Power Plug SBS50 Blue (used on Piper Meridians S/N 4697265-4697525)

Product Details  $25.00 USD

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