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Product Listing: Aviation Accessories (21)

[Image for 904-450]Piper Round Single-Pin Power Plug
Model 904-450

Single-Pin External Power Plug for Piper Aircraft

Product Details  

[Image for SAE2-SBS50]Piper Meridian Adapter (blue)
Model SAE2-SBS50

Adapts the BatteryMINDer’s SAE plug to an Anderson SBS50 to plug into Piper Meridian battery charger interface (S/N 4697256 through 4697525). Outside of this range, install battery charger harness BM-AIK2 Airframe Interface Kit.

Product Details  $25.00 USD

[Image for SBS50BLU-10]Anderson 50A Power Plug (SBS50 Blue)
Model SBS50BLU-10

Anderson 50-Amp DC Power Plug SBS50 Blue (used on Piper Meridians S/N 4697265-4697525)

Product Details  $25.00 USD

[Image for BM-MOC]Charger Output Cable for Piper Meridian
Model BM-MOC

Charger Output Cable for Piper Meridian (SN 4697256-4697525)

Product Details  $75.00 USD

[Image for 6319G1]Anderson 50A Power Plug (Gray) for Piper JetProp conversion
Model 6319G1
2-pole genderless, quick-connect design. Housing features mechanical keys to ensure connectors will only mate with same color.

SB50 Gray (used on Piper JetProp conversion)
Product Details  $7.00 USD

[Image for 6331G2]Anderson 50A Power Plug (SB50 Red)
Model 6331G2

Anderson 50-Amp DC Power Plugs 2-pole genderless, quick-connect design. Housing features mechanical keys to ensure connectors will only mate with same color.

SB50 Red (std color code for 24VDC)

Product Details  $7.00 USD

[Image for ATS-1]Ambient Temperature Sensor
Model ATS-1

Ambient Temperature Sensor for aviation-specific BatteryMINDer.

Product Details  $9.95 USD

[Image for VPP-12]Vehicle Power Plug
Model VPP-12

Vehicle Power Plug

Product Details  

[Image for 802-694]BatteryMINDer Adapter Cable
Model 802-694

Aircraft BatteryMINDer Adapter Cable. SAE-2 plug to SB50 red connector.

Product Details  $20.00 USD

[Image for SAE2-6319G1]JetPROP Adapter (Gray)
Model SAE2-6319G1 - New Model Available

Adapts the BatteryMINDer’s SAE plug to a gray Anderson SB50 to plug for one of the two Concorde batteries in the Piper Malibu/Mirage where it has been converted to a JetPROP PT6 turboprop. This item has been replaced by a new version: Model SAE2-6319G1A.

Product Details  

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