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Audio Authority Expands Line of White Lightning™ Mini-GPUs

We are proud to announce two new models in our White Lightning™ brand of compact ground power units (GPUs) for general aviation aircraft. They expand our focus on cost-effective innovation to address the ground power needs of more aircraft owners, maintenance shops, and avionics installers. Each offers more power and features in approximately the same footprint as the smaller, original Mini-GPU models that have become so popular.

Dual Voltage GPU for Multiple Airframes


The Model M1428-DV is a dual-voltage Mini-GPU with selectable outputs of either 12/14-volts or 24/28-volts making it compatible with all aircraft electrical systems. This all-in-one design is especially convenient for owners of multiple aircraft who want one GPU for all their airframe power needs; for example, an LSA or experimental sport airplane with a 14-volt electrical system and a larger business aircraft that requires 28-volts. The M1428-DV is the unique, cost-effective solution with separate, color-coded connections and output cables. 
  • 14V, 35A max
  • 28V, 27A max
  • Detachable cables
  • Auto shutdown timer
  • USB charging ports
  • MSRP $1025
The M1428-DV offers the same dual-voltage advantage in one device to GA maintenance shops, aircraft dealers, flight instructors, avionics shops, and anyone who deals with a variety of aircraft types. The M1428-DV features two separate high-tech switching power modules, a voltmeter/ammeter, USB convenience ports, a programmable automatic shutdown timer, universal input voltage, and color-coded output cables for both 14 and 28-volt aircraft. 

A Compact 50 Amp GPU for GA Aircraft


Also joining the White Lightning model lineup is the M2850. This is a 28-volt Mini-GPU with double the output for up to 50A of clean airframe power. It is suitable for powering larger GA airframes and for doing higher current maintenance tasks such as powering hydraulic motors. The M2850 shares the same brand features of world-wide input compatibility, color-coded and keyed output connectors, programmable auto-shutdown timer, USB charging ports, and heavy-duty output cables.
  • 28V, 50A max
  • Detachable cables
  • Auto shutdown timer
  • USB charging ports
  • MSRP $995
We are accepting pre-orders for these new models for October delivery. White Lightning GPUs are available factory direct from the www.audioauthority.com website, or from national distributors, Aircraft Spruce and Sportys. 

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