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Enter to Win a GPU!

Excitement at AirVenture 2024! We're proud to announce that Piper will showcase their fabulous M700 Fury and two other airframes powered by White Lightning ground power units. Stop by the Piper exhibit (#140) to see a full range of GPUs, including ground breaking new technology! White Lightning will debut its latest model with features never seen before.


New website for Aviation Ground Power

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new aviation ground power products website, designed to be mobile-friendly and effortlessly navigable.


120 Years Since Kitty Hawk

White Lightning™ celebrates the 120th anniversary of amateur-built aircraft. At 10:35am on December 17, 1903, Orville Wright became the first man to achieve sustained, controlled, powered flight. The world would never be the same.


Interview with Larry Anglisano of Aviation Consumer Magazine

GAMI's G1000UL is currently the only approved unleaded avgas, and Jon Sisk wanted to test it on his RV-14. See his full interview with Larry Anglisano to get the results and a great perspective on issues in the experimental and certified aircraft arena around this issue.


Unleaded Avgas Tested in White Lightning RV-14

For those of you who are interested in general aviation and the eventual transition to an unleaded replacement for 100LL avgas, I thought you would like to see my report for the December Aviation Consumer magazine on flying G100UL in the White Lightning RV-14 October 1st.


Join Us in Frederick, MD

Keep your eyes peeled for the White Lightning RV-14 over Mariland. Jon will be showing our White Lightning and Enhanced Flight GPUs and accessories on September 7-8. Bring your ground power questions, and enjoy the weekend with fellow aviators.


Spot Us at Oshkosh and Win a Special Discount!

If you take a break from watching aerobatic performances, you'll be able to see Jon's freshly painted RV-14 at Oshkosh this week. You'll notice the White Lightning theme, which represents affordable, reliable, ground power for 14V and 28V aircraft, made here in Kentucky. You may also spot some ground power units with the White Lightning logo in use around the airfield, and if you snap us a photo, you'll be eligible to win a discount!


How to Choose a Ground Power Unit

Aircraft owners often ask us for guidance in choosing a GPU. It's easy to check your battery to see if it is 12 or 24 volts. We offer 24 / 28V units perfect for most certified aircraft, as well as 12 / 14V GPUs often used for experimental and amateur-built airframes. Beyond the 14 or 28 volts question, you must consider how you plan to use your GPU, and the specs of your individual aircraft. Use two or three of the following strategies to zero in on the GPU that best fits your needs.


BatteryMINDer Charging Stages Explained

Seven unique stages enable BatteryMINDer to claim the title "best maintenance charger for aviation batteries". Here we explain how these stages can save you money and double the life of your battery!


Audio Authority Expands Line of White Lightning™ Mini-GPUs

We are proud to announce two new models in our White Lightning™ brand of compact ground power units (GPUs) for general aviation aircraft. They expand our focus on cost-effective innovation to address the ground power needs of more aircraft owners, maintenance shops, and avionics installers.


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