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BatteryMINDer Charging Stages Explained

Seven unique stages enable BatteryMINDer to claim the title "best maintenance charger for aviation batteries". Here we explain how these stages can save you money and double the life of your battery!

1. Analyze

The Analyze stage will test, qualify, and accept or reject the battery. If, before charging, the battery cannot hold a charge, the battery desulfation function is initiated automatically. This is most likely to occur on batteries that have been deeply discharged before charging.

2. Desulphate

The Desulphate stage is designed to break down the film of lead sulfate that forms on the lead plates in batteries that have been left flat for extended periods. Sulphation prevents the battery from absorbing a full electrical charge. Desulphation restores the battery’s full charging potential.

3. Soft Start

This preliminary charge process gently introduces power to the battery. This soft start protects the battery from damage and increases its life.

4. Bulk Charge

The Bulk stage reduces charging time by charging the battery at the maximum rate (constant current) up to approximately 80% capacity.

5. Absorption

The absorption stage charges the battery up to 100% by adjusting the charge rate, allowing the battery to absorb the maximum power.

6. Test

This mode tests the battery to ensure it has taken the charge. If the battery passes the test, the charger proceeds to the float stage (maintenance), but if the battery fails the test, the charger will apply a reconditioning treatment to return the battery to full charge.

7. Maintenance

The Maintenance stage maintains the battery at 100% charge (float) without overcharging or damaging the battery. This means the charger can be left connected to the battery indefinitely, always in top shape when you need it.

Charging harness kit

This kit provides all the aircraft-grade wiring and parts you need to install a permanent charger connection for your BatteryMINDer.

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