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Meet Customers Where THEY are, not where YOU want them to be.

As your business moves with the times, donít leave your customers behind! Mack Turner, president and owner of Mack Turner Consulting and Insights, made a compelling point in this recent podcast from Retail Customer Experience Magazine.

It has implications for two of our business channels: Retail Technology, and Drive-up Banking. Check out the full podcast here.

A Troubling Example

In a nutshell, not everyone wants to, or is able to do their banking on their phone! Turner tells the story of an elderly customer who was experiencing a fraud situation that called their bank for help. They could not give the customer the needed information in any way but via their app. The customer did not own a smart phone or a computer. This is a sad example of letting customers fall through the cracks. Banks and pharmacies provide such a vital service, that they have an obligation to find a way to communicate with all of their customers, even those who are in small communities that donít have adequate internet, or in demographics that have challenges using technology.

An Inspiring Example

As businesses maximize efficiency and cut costs, they often reduce the number of physical locations. This can create a dearth of services in retail banking, especially in rural areas. We may assume that everyone prefers to bank online, but Truist bank is one financial institution that is ďbankingĒ on customers that donít have adequate internet service, older customers that may not be comfortable with, or even own modern technology, and those with disabilities that cannot use that technology. Mr. Turner asserts that banks must meet customers where THEY are, not where it is most efficient to serve them according to the latest business models.†

Innovations that Include, Not Exclude

Audio Authorityís emphasis on clear communication in the drive-up banking and pharmacy arena leads us to see the vital importance of serving these customers. It also benefits all customers by providing a face and a voice to make these very personal transactions more comfortable. Talking to a real person, whether on the phone or in a drive-thru lane, is becoming rare, but we believe it to give an extra edge to those businesses that are willing to invest in it. We provide technology for drive-up and walk-up customers, perfect for those that need or prefer the personal touch. These systems enable banks and pharmacies to provide fast, convenient service while giving their employees the safety and flexibility they need to do their vital work. Check out our industry-leading drive-up intercom systems here.

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