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Communication Designed for Drive-up Customers

Audio Authority® Intercom Systems are the industry-leading solution for drive-up customer service at banks, pharmacies, and other transaction-based facilities for clear, private, and easy-to-use communication.

1500 Series III intercoms are the culmination of extensive research and decades of incremental improvements, resulting in the best hardware and software solutions for voice and visual communications.

Historically, drive-up intercom systems have been difficult to install and adjust in the field, often requiring multiple runs of expensive wiring, making retrofits difficult or impractical. 1500 Series components connect to each other using just one Cat 6 cable that carries all audio, video, and control signals. Installations are quick, simple, and reliable.


The counter station’s rugged, easy-to-clean, touch-sensitive keypad will never wear out because it has no moving parts. It is easily configured for exact system capacity, using the versatile key color or number system so that only the keys needed for lane selection and system control are visible and active.

Easy system configuration and setup ensure years of trouble-free operation. Settings for the whole system may be adjusted from one of the counter stations. Expanding the system to add more counter stations or lane station endpoints is quick and easy. Download the latest Series 1500 Brochure Series 1500 Brochure  3.14 MiB today.

Audio Counter Stations

  • Voice-optimized, natural sounding, two-way audio with special audio circuit to reduce background noises, and system-wide ground shield to prevent interference.
  • Easy installation using a single Cat 6 cable.
  • Compact base (7” x 7.3”) saves counter space.
  • Model 1500B can be accessorized with a 1502L video option and/or 1503B privacy handset.
  • Durable, touch-sensitive keypad has no moving parts, and the magnetic cover makes it easy to configure lane keys for up to 12 lanes.
  • Configure lane keys for up to 12 lanes.
  • Press the privacy key to use a wireless headset.
  • Easy system setup using one counter station to configure an entire system.

Video & Privacy Handset Options

  • Add two-way video to an audio counter station with the Model 1502B. 45% larger image, easy tilt, enclosed cabling, updated styling.
  • Privacy handset for HIPAA-compliant communications may be attached to the counter station or wall-mounted.
  • Easy cradle installation – one cable and two screws.
  • 8-inch LCD display is high-contrast, high-brightness.
  • Adjustable design allows the camera and video display to tilt, raise, and lower.
  • The Mirror key on the counter station shows the indoor camera view to help operators adjust the tilt.
  • Camera Up/Down keys control outdoor video camera view to adjust for vehicle height.

Custom Settings

The 1500 system has many features and adjustments that can be set up by the installer and some that can be accessed by the user. Fine-tune the audio gain and filters, choose lane keys, and modify hold behavior using the Model 1550A setup tool. It gives the installer easy access and keeps others from modifying them. Settings for each system may be backed up on an SD memory card using the 1517 hub card.

1550A Setup Tool


Audio & Video System Hubs

  • Hubs perform signal routing for multi-lane systems.
  • A-V System Hub capacity can be increased by adding counter and lane cards.
  • Mini Hubs are ideal for systems with two counter stations and up to four-lane stations. Audio only or audio-video.
  • Back up all system settings on the SD card.
  • A media player or TV feed may be connected to the hub to play sound and video for waiting customers.
  • Video output from lane cameras is convenient for recording transactions on a security system video recorder (BNC, composite video).

Lane & Customer Stations

  • Lane Stations connect directly to a counter station or a Hub with one Cat 6 cable.
  • 1522B Dual Lane Stations connect directly to the counter station for one- or two-lane audio systems.
  • 1520B Lane Stations mount inside drive-up housings and connect to external lane devices (speaker, microphone, call button, camera, video display, traffic sensor, etc.).
  • Integrated Customer A-V Stations include everything on the 1520, plus mic, speaker, call button, camera, and display installed in a weather-resistant housing. (10.4-inch screen)
  • LED backlit displays offer high brightness for outdoor viewing and require very little power.

Video MessagingLane Microphone

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