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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Questions

Q: The new Hub is black, but are the silver Hub cards still available?

A: The silver color (aluminum) hub cards will be available while supplies last, but remember that the new black cards are interchangeable with existing hub cards. When replacing a bad aluminum hub card you can even trade out a black faceplate for your old aluminum face plate so it matches the others. 

Q: Which power supply is correct?

A: Use the 1.5 amp power supply (571-043 or equivalentfor all Counter Stations and Hubs. The 571-039 power supply is not suitable for Counter Stations, especially when a wireless headset is connected - see Service Bulletin Service Bulletin [View] (79.64 KiB) . 1520 Lane Stations may be powered using the 571-043 or the 571-053 (5A) supply. When extending DC power lines, use the 670-438 kit which includes a 5A power supply and terminal block adapters. Use a 5A power supply for Customer Stations that have a built-in heater (e.g. 1527VB).

Q: Why is the Counter Station humming and/or selecting lanes by itself?

A: Your building ground may have a ground loop. You can add a ground connection to each Counter Station to eliminate these symptoms - see Service Bulletin Service Bulletin [View] (1.52 MiB)

Q: What is Open Loop Gain?

A: The
Open Loop Gain setting in the Series 1500 and Series 1580 intercoms can sometimes be confusing. It is not really a gain in the traditional sense - it does not increase the volume in any way. It actually controls "voice-switching" in two-way conversations. In other words it is a “duplex control”. Learn more about Open Loop Gain.

Q: Can I use network cables to connect Series 1500?

A: Yes, premade "network" or Cat 5/6/7 cables are fine for connecting Counter Stations and Hubs. For Lane Stations, and other long cable runs, you must fabricate your own Cat 5 cables. Remember to use a professional network cable tester to test each one for proper pairing. Always use the EIA-568B termination standard, because that method provides the correct pairing for long distance signal transmission. 

Q: How do I update firmware? 
A: Insert a memory card that contains the latest firmware into the hub card slot. Current hubs accept standard SD cards, but older hubs require DataFlash type memory cards. If your system has no hub, you must temporarily insert a hub to update the firmware. See detailed instructions for firmware updates.

Q: Why does the 1550A Setup Tool show strange characters? 
A: If you are connecting the 1550A to a 1500AH, connect the Cat 5 cable to the base of the Counter Station first, then make sure the handset is on the cradle before you connect the 1550A Setup Tool.  If you still see strange characters on the 1550A, you may need to cycle power on the 1500AH before re-connecting the 1550A.

Q: Can I use a larger monitor with a 1500A Counter Station?

A: Yes, you can install a video interface, Model 1504, between the counter station and the monitor. The 1504 also supports 2-way video if you add an outboard camera. 

Q: Why is the replacement LCD wiring different from the original LCD wiring harness? 
A: The 804-043 LCD screen has a different wiring harness than the replacement 804-043L, but both are compatible with the 804-039P camera. See this tutorial service video: How to replace the 804-043 LCD assembly for detailed instructions.

Q: Can the 1520 Lane Station be installed inside the building instead of out at the lane? 
A: Yes, but this is only recommended when existing wiring for lane devices must be used (see 1500 Alternative Wiring 1500 Alternative Wiring [View] (173.52 KiB) ). For best performance, pull new Cat 5 cable and install the Lane Stations out in the drive-up cabinets.

Q: Can the 1520 installed in the lane be powered by a power supply that is plugged in to an AC outlet inside the building? 
 Yes, order the 670-438 DC power extension kit. This kit includes the 5A supply and adapters for extending DC power.

Q: Can I connect my office phone to the Series 1500 Intercom System?

A: Yes, you can use a Model 1533 to connect a standard office telephone, or phone system, to the drive-up lanes. Both phones and standard Counter Stations may be used together in the same system, or you may use phones exclusively to service lane calls.  More Information.

Q: Do you have a loudness statement (to satisfy a local loudness ordinance for outdoor intercom systems)?
A: Yes, please download our Loudness Statement Loudness Statement [View] (15.18 KiB) .

Operation Questions

Q: What do the flashing lights mean?
 Counter Stations have two lights in each lane key. A blinking green light means you placed the lane on hold. Blinking red means someone else placed it on hold. A rapid flashing red light means a customer pressed the call button, or if your system has a traffic sensor, the sensor was tripped. See the 1500A Operator Guide 1500A Operator Guide [View] (2.00 MiB) for complete operating instructions.

Q: Customers can't hear me speaking. 
A: First, make sure you are close enough to the microphone. About 2 inches is best. If you still have trouble, call your technical support service to have the volume adjusted.

Q: Can I adjust the volume in the handset earpiece?
A: Yes. Press Setup for one second to enter setup mode, then press volume up or down. It is best to have an assistant in the lane help you make adjustments.

Q: My headset makes a humming sound when I leave it on. What can I do to fix it?

A: If you leave your headset on, you need to change the power supply that is connected to the Counter Station. Use the 571-013 power supply (1 amp) for all Counter Stations, including 1500A, 1500AH, 1580S, and 1580HS. The 571-039 power supply is not suitable for Counter Stations, especially when a wireless headset is connected - see Service Bulletin Service Bulletin [View] (79.64 KiB) .

Q: The customer's voice or noises outside sometimes drown me out. How can I talk over them?
A: When you are not being heard because of background noise, etc. touch and hold the active lane key while you are speaking. Make sure you are about 2 inches from the microphone.

Q: How can I use a wireless headset?
A: The Jabra Pro 920 (Model 1542J), is the only headset we support. Connect the audio cord bewteen the blue jack on the Jabra Pro 920 base station and the audio port on the back of the Counter Station. When you wish to use the headset, press the Privacy key. The microphone and speaker are both muted while the headset is in use.

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