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[Image for 2870A-B1]
70A 28V GPU with BatteryMINDer
70 Amp 28 Volt Aviation GPU with BatteryMINDer
Model 2870A-B1 - New Model Available


New Model - Available Now


[Front panel]
Front panel
[Rear view]
Rear view
[Rear panel]
Rear panel
[Battery harness kit]
Battery harness kit
[802-683 cable]
802-683 cable

Attention: FBOs, dealers, shops & OEMs -- Call 800-322-8346 or e-mail Audio Authority for quantity purchase information.

Safe, Affordable, Airframe Power for Piston and Light Turbine Aircraft

Our next generation 2800 Series GPUs achieve a remarkable 89% electrical efficiency to provide up to 2000W of power. Its cool running, switching-mode power modules provide massive amounts of stable, noise-free power from a 90-230 volt AC outlet. It will safely power the most delicate airframe systems with laboratory-grade DC without risk of costly damage to sophisticated avionics, instruments, or electronic equipment. This new generation GPU is designed as a practical alternative to large, expensive start carts, battery chargers, and other devices designed primarily to spin starter motors. Unique, ergonomic design features dual, removable cord/tool caddies.

Integral BatteryMINDer 

This GPU includes the option of an integral BatteryMINDer®, the 3-stage continuous-duty charger that maintains, conditions, and desulfates lead-acid aircraft batteries. Temperature-compensated output ensures precise charging under all conditions and will never over or under-charge. Desulfation restores full capacity and extends battery life. Our exclusive Airframe Interface Kit provides everything you need for use with FAA certified aircraft. Just hand the kit to your licensed mechanic to install and document with a simple airframe maintenance log entry.
 Cord Caddies and Handle
Handle and removable
cord caddies enhance portability.
 GPU Tutorial

GPU Tutorial - 10 minutes.
Installing a Quick Connect for BatteryMINDer

Installing a quick connect charger harness.

2870A-B1 Aviation Consumer Review

2870A-B1 Aviation Consumer Review - YouTube
GPU Customer Review

GPU Customer Review

GPU Features

  • Output: 28 VDC, 70 Amps continuous
  • Input: 100-240VAC 60Hz 19A
  • Stable, noise-free DC power, safe for today's advanced cockpit systems
  • Digital output meters for both voltage and amperes, with overload alarm
  • Includes detachable input and output cables with AN2551 3-pin oval plug
  • Compact, lightweight design utilizes highly efficient digital switching-mode power modules for greater reliability
  • Removeable caddies for cable management and tool storage
BatteryMINDer Features
  • Input: 90-140 VAC 50-60 Hz
  • BatteryMINDer integrated in GPU chassis
  • Aircraft interface kit included for convenient and FAA approved connection
  • Includes detachable charging cable


  • GPU Input: 100-120 Volts AC, 60 Hz, up to 19 Amps
  • GPU Output: 28 +/- 0.5 Volts DC, 70 Amps continuous
  • BatteryMINDer Input: 90-140 Volts AC, 50-60 Hz. Unloaded input current: 80 mA AC
  • See BatteryMINDer user manual for detailed specifications
  • Weight: 23.2 lbs (10.5 kg) without cables
  • Dimensions including cord caddies and feet: 8.9"H x 11.25" W x 18.38"D (200mm x 284mm x 467mm)
    Without cord caddies: 5.1" W (130mm)
Note: See the GPU manual for details on aircraft compatibility, battery use and charging limitations, and start assist (piston engines only).

Audio Authority® authorizes this device for use ONLY by aviation professionals, such as licensed pilots and maintenance technicians, knowledgeable about their aircraft electrical system and batteries. Aircraft electrical systems vary widely. Many aircraft electrical systems have been altered in the field from the original OEM configuration and these changes are often poorly documented in the aircraft records. The operational concepts, recommendations, and instructions presented in this manual are necessarily general and make assumptions that do not apply to every aircraft, and may not be correct for your particular aircraft. Incorrect use of this device has the potential to damage the GPU and/or aircraft components. It is the operator’s responsibility to read completely and fully understand this manual, plus those sections of the Aircraft Flight Manual and Maintenance Manual that pertain to their aircraft’s electrical system design, to determine the appropriate use of this, or any, external power source. If you cannot do this, do not use this product. Instead, consult the airframe manufacturer or a technician familiar with your specific aircraft type and configuration before connecting the GPU to your aircraft.

The Model 2870A-B1 provides 28-volt DC power for:

  • Powered preflight and battery top-off
  • Battery charging and conditioning with BatteryMINDer charging system
  • Cockpit procedures training NavData updates
  • Cabin environmental systems
  • General maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the 2870A to start an aircraft engine?
The 2870A GPU is adequate for piston engine start ASSIST ONLY. Its capacity is inadequate for turbine engine start assist and should be used for airframe systems power only. Do not attempt turbine engine starts with the GPU connected to aircraft. See the User Manual for details.

Q: Can I leave the BatteryMINDer connected for long periods of time?
Yes, the BatteryMINDer is designed to remain connected and will not overcharge or damage your battery.

Q: Does my GPU have Active Load Monitoring?
A: This feature was introduced in January, 2015. All GPUs produced since then have the feature, and older GPUs can be upgraded at the factory for a fee. Details.

Q: Does the GPU with BatteryMINDer work outside North America?
The GPU itself may be used with almost any voltage, but the internal BatteryMINDer is only compatible with a 100-127V AC power source. In countries with other voltage standards, a compatible BatteryMINDer must be purchased and used separately.

Q: Why is Audio Authority selling aviation products?
Audio Authority was the original designer and manufacturer of ground power products sold by Enhanced Flight Group, LLC. The Enhanced Flight GPU shares technology with Audio Authority power supplies used for demonstrating mobile audio electronics in retail stores. After Enhanced Flight ceased operations in 2009, demand was still strong for these products, so they are now available directly from Audio Authority and also from our distributors, Sporty's Pilot Shop and Aircraft Spruce.


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