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[Image for BM-AIK1]
GPU BatteryMINDER Airframe Interface Kit
Airframe Interface Kit
Model BM-AIK1

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$49.95 USD

Airframe Interface Kit, included with our GPU with internal BatteryMINDer. Order this kit to connect GPU/BatteryMINDer to additional aircraft.

Categories: Aviation, Aviation Accessories, Aviation GPU, Aviation Accessories

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[Integral BatteryMINDer]
Integral BatteryMINDer
[Installation tip1]
Installation tip1
[Installation tip2]
Installation tip2

Why Certified Aircraft Need this 
Quick Connect Harneess

3 minute presentation:

Youtube link

This aviation-grade parts kit is designed to install a battery charger harness on FAA certified aircraft. One kit is included with each BatteryMINDer-equipped GPU (Models 2870A-B2 and 2835A-B2). Order extra kits to install a BatteryMINDer-compatible harness on additional aircraft. This kit does not include the other half of the SB50 polarized plug - otherwise it is identical to BM-AIK2A. Thevideo tutorial for the BM-AIK2A is also helpful for the BM-AIK1.

Note: This kit is not compatible with BatteryMINDer Model 28252 25A charger/power supply or any maintenance charger with output greater than 8-amps.

IMPORTANT: This harness is designed only for maintenance battery charging, not for supplying ground power for airframe operations. Disconnect the charger before turning on airframe electrical power. Reconnect the charger after turning airframe electrical power off to recharge and then maintain/disulfate the battery.



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