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"…doubled battery life
and saved $3000."

TBM pilot Laurent Jouët
tells his story.


[Image for BM-AIK1]
GPU BatteryMINDER Airframe Interface Kit
Airframe Interface Kit
Model BM-AIK1

[Buy Online]
$49.95 USD

Airframe Interface Kit, included with our GPU with internal BatteryMINDer. Order this kit to connect GPU/BatteryMINDer to additional aircraft.

Categories: Aviation, Aviation Accessories, Aviation GPU, Aviation Accessories

[Integral BatteryMINDer]
Integral BatteryMINDer
[Installation tip]
Installation tip

This aviation-grade parts kit is designed to install a battery charger harness on FAA certified aircraft. One kit is included with each BatteryMINDer-equipped GPU (Models 2870A-B2 and 2835A-B2). Order extra kits to install a BatteryMINDer-compatible harness on additional aircraft. This kit does not include the other half of the SB50 polarized plug - otherwise it is identical to BM-AIK2A. The video tutorial for the BM-AIK2A is also helpful for the BM-AIK1.

Note: This kit is not compatible with BatteryMINDer Model 28252 25A charger/power supply or any maintenance charger with output greater than 8-amps.

Why Certified Aircraft Need this 
Quick Connect Harneess

3 minute presentation:

Youtube link

Skip Koss, VP at Concorde Battery explains

proper charger connections for aircraft batteries.

6 minute video:



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