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 BatteryMINDer Built-In
            Advantages of a built-in
       battery maintenance charger
                  and maintainer


Maintain and Condition Your Expensive Aircraft Battery to Extend its Lifetime. 
Get the Best Care for Your Battery – Guaranteed.

If you want the longest possible life and performance from your aviation battery there is no other product that does it better – BatteryMINDer guarantees it with their 5-Year “No-Hassle” 100% Warranty.  Choose the ideal BatteryMINDer model for your aircraft battery

   CEC2 Series Now in Stock!

  • Panel format povides clear charging status and detailed battery analysis in a compact footprint, not available in any other single device.
  • High efficiency design allows continuous operation for $0.43/month without fear of over/under charging (based on continually maintaining one 125Ah battery).

  Choose the ideal BatteryMINDer model for your aircraft battery


Key Features

  • Guaranteed never to over-charge, regardless of time or temperature (0°F - 130°F).
  • Tested and endorsed by Concorde Battery Co. and other leading makers.
  • Temperature compensation ensures proper charge in hot or cold environments.
  • U.S. patented, 100% full-time, pulse-type desulfation dissolves sulfate build-up and keeps battery free of sulfate.
  • Diagnoses battery’s condition and recovers weak batteries for longer life.
  • Rejects batteries with bad cells, and stops charging to prevent out-gassing.
  • Recovers weak or deeply discharged batteries.
  • 12 LEDs clearly show state-of-charge, charge mode, and battery condition.
  • Restarts charging automatically after power failure.
  • Includes Short circuit, spark, reverse polarity protection, thermal runaway protection, automatic D/C disconnect on A/C failure and quick-connect/disconnect fused alligator clip assembly.
  • Ultra high efficiency - certified to California Energy Commision standards.
  • ECO-mode allows the device to remain connected to AC while consuming very little electricity.
  • 1-year 100% money back guarantee, 5-year manufacturer’s No Hassle warranty.

Extending the Life of Your Battery
Expert Advice From Concorde Battery

YouTube Video by Aero-TV

Youtube link

Why Your Certified Aircraft Needs this Quick Connect Harness

3 minute presentation

Youtube link


Choose the BatteryMINDer for Your Battery:

These maintenace chargers are designed to be used with aviation-specific FAA certified Concorde, Gill, Hawker and Odyssey brand sealed, wet (filler cap), maintenance-free, AGM, Gel, PLT thin-plate lead-acid batteries. Not for Lithium batteries – for lead-acid based only.

gridcard-gpp-24vs2BatteryMINDer for Concorde Aviation Batteriesgridcard-gpp-12vs2
Note: the 24 volt, 4 amp 244CEC2-AA-S2 can be used with most 24V batteries (see below), including Concorde, but if you want optimal charging of your Concorde battery, the 244CEC2-AA-S5 is the best. Never use the "S5" model with any other battery than a Concorde.

See all BatteryMINDer products, charging harnesses, parts, and accessories.

Note: Order 128CEC2-AA-S3 and -S5 from the manufacturer, VDC Electronics.

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