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 BatteryMINDer Built-In
            Advantages of a built-in
       battery maintenance charger
                  and maintainer

[Image for 244CEC2-AA-S5]
24 Volt 4-Amp Aviation BatteryMINDer
Aviation BatteryMINDer® 24-Volt for Concorde Batteries ONLY
Model 244CEC2-AA-S5

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$289.00 USD
Key Features:
  • Calibrated specifically for Concorde 24V RG® batteries
  • Patented, full-time, automatic desulfation extends battery life
  • Ambient temperature sensing precisely regulates output
  • Will never over or under charge, regardless of time or temp
  • Plug-N-Run unattended operation with automatic restart
  • Optional aircraft wiring kit available (BM-AIK2A)

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What's included
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Ready to connect
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Battery Charger/Maintainer/Desulfator for Concorde RG Series
Aviation-Specific, 24-Volt, 4-Amp

Universally recognized as the best continuous maintenance charger for lead-acid aviation batteries, the BatteryMINDer is designed to leave connected to your aircraft continuously during hangar storage. For this model, VDC Electronics worked closely with Concorde to determine the ideal float voltage for their sealed RG Series batteries to extend battery life and optimize performance. This "S5" model incorporates these new charging profiles and is the only float charger that Concorde recommends for their sealed lead-acid aircraft batteries. 

Like all aviation BatteryMINDers, its output is temperature-compensated to guarantee optimal charging (no risk of damage from over or under charging) no matter the ambient temperature. Microprocessor-controlled smart charging assures the battery is maintained fully-charged, while safely dissolving built-up lead sulfate crystals, restoring lost cranking power and extending battery life. Plug-N-Run" design provides simple, automatic, unattended operation, including automatic restart after a power failure. Not for use with NiCad, Odyssey or Gill LT batteries. 

Comes with ambient temperature sensor and 2' alligator clip harnesses for temporary battery connections and bench charging. To install a quick connect charger harness on certified aircraft, order our part number BM-AIK2A Airframe Interface Kit.

Tutorial: Extending Aircraft Battery Life
6 minute presentation:

Video link

Why Certified Aircraft Need this 
Quick Connect Harneess

3 minute presentation:

Youtube link

YouTube Video
 by Aero-TV 
Expert Advice From Concorde Battery:
Extending The Life Of Your Aircraft Battery 

Youtube link

  • Guaranteed never to over-charge, regardless of time or temperature (0°F - 130°F)
  • Temperature compensation ensures proper charge in hot or cold environments
  • Auto-selection for charge rate and battery types ensures 100% compliance with Concorde® specifications
  • Full-time pulsed desulfation in maintenance mode
  • Maximizes battery life and capacity, reconditions weak batteries
  • Plug and run operation
  • Microprocessor controlled pulsed output ensures 100% full charge
  • Battery diagnostics indicators
  • Ultra energy efficient to keep operating costs low
  • Automatic disconnect and resume if AC power is interrupted
  • Short circuit, spark, polarity and thermal runaway protection
  • 6’ AC input cord, 6’ DC output cord with polarized quick connector (SAE)
  • 1 year 100% money back guarantee, 5 year “no hassle” warranty
  • Input: 115VAC
  • Safely charges up to 200% faster than conventional chargers
  • Automatically dissolves power-robbing sulfation from lead storage plates using safe low voltage pulse technology (U.S. Patented)
  • Temperature compensation extends battery life by more than 200 Cycles (full charge-discharge cycles) with ABS temperature sensor
  • Vibration resistant, weather-proof enclosure - intrusion protected from water and dust per IEC STANDARD IP65


Included Accessories:

  • 2’ fused battery clip cord set with SAE connector for temporary/bench connection.
  • ATS-1 ambient temperature sensor for use with certified aircraft (installed).
  • Instruction manual.

Optional Accessories:

  • Model BM-AIK2A Airframe Interface Kit for quick-connection to FAA certified aircraft.
  • Model RTA-2415EXP wiring kit for Experimental/Amateur-built aircraft.


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