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 Brightsign Technology Partner

Member: CTA-SHOP Association-NAM

Our cost-efficient devices work in the background to create engaging customer-interactive displays to demonstrate all types of audio and video entertainment products. Modular designs mean no application is too small, and no configuration is too complex for our switching and signal distribution products. Our staff of consultants and designers are ready to turn your merchandising objectives into an achievable plan of action.

Breakthrough Touchless Technology

AirSelect sensors for touchless interaction

Drop-in Replacement for Push-Buttons

Audio Authority engineers have been working hard during the COVID-19 crisis to bring a new touchless solution to interactive retail spaces. We're proud to show you our proprietary drop-in replacement for 19mm push-buttons for existing interactive displays.

Browse AirSelect products

In their basic form, AirSelect™ sensors connect to media players and other demonstration devices, performing the same function as push-buttons, but without touch. The more advanced model actually interprets hand gestures. A single gesture sensor can replace multiple controls, simplifying the interface and saving space. Download the AirSelect Focus Sheet for details.

Call 800-322-8346 or Contact one of our Project Managers for more information.

Introducing MediaHubs 

A MediaHub provides not only audio and video playback, but our smart MediaHubs also provide programmable behavior and connect directly to buttons, control panels, video displays, speakers, amplifiers, and sensors.
BrightSign Built-In


MediaHub Series Includes Multiple Options

The new series of MediaHubs by Audio Authority includes these models, each focused on a different need:

  • The basic MediaHub provides the standard BrightSign module, plus connectivity to peripherals like push-buttons, touch screens, touch panels, amplifiers, light controllers, and audio switching. Available in standard 1080p configuration and with 4K video.

  • The MediaHub for video has four HDMI outputs, enabling four TVs or monitors to show the video content, and/or four separate sound systems to play. Available in standard 1080p video.

  • The MediaHub for audio has four switchable audio outputs on board, that can be set up as analog or digital. Available in standard 1080p configuration and with 4K video.

MH2-HDMH2-HD MediaHubMH2-4K MediaHub
1824MH4-HD MediaHub
1826MH6-HD MediaHubMH6-4K MediaHub

More Options

The accessories shown below extend the capabilities of our MediaHubs to do even more.

Adding push-buttonsHeadphone Amplifiers
Sound BarsEasyPlug ButtonsBroadcast Serial Commands
Stereo AmplifierTouch Screen Interface

Working with MediaHubs and BrightSign® Media Players

Here are are some of the ways Audio Authority can help you use MediaHubs and BrightSign players:

Audio Authority MediaHubs with BrightSign Built-In

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