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Frequently Asked Questions

Access™ Demonstration Network Questions

See also Access Support

Q: What is Access?
A: Access is Audio Authority's modular system, introduced in 1994 (now discontinued except for special projects). It can be configured and scaled up to any size or complexity. We also make other specialized switching systems, but all Access modules and user interfaces work together, whereas the other "stand-alone" systems we make do not necessarily interact with Access. See Access Tips for more information.

Q: How does Bypass work?
A: By establishing an alternative route, bypass allows the demo system to play an audio system with or without in-line components such as amplifiers or processors. To activate bypass, simply turn off all products in the product group you wish to bypass. This causes the signal flow to skip over the entire group and move on to the next product group in the signal path.

Q: How does Addressing work?
A: Addressing is the way the Access Network determines what modules belong to which groups, and which modules are first, second, third, etc.  It is very similar to finding a physical house address. You need to know what street the house is on, and which house number it is. Group number is like the street, and Module ID is like the house number. For more information, click here, or see page 15 in the Access Home Audio Manual Access Home Audio Manual  5.21 MiB for detailed instructions.

Q: Can I use multiple control panels in one system?
A: Yes, sometimes. The 906 control panel is designed to control one product group. You can use several 906 panels, one for sources, one for amplifiers, and one for speakers.

Q: How can I switch HDMI signals?
A: It is possible to program our Model 970A-1 to interface with an HDMI switch that has a serial control port. 

Q: Can I use a tablet or other device as an interface for my Access switching system?
Yes, the 903i Comparator is an industrial tablet with switching software that is ideal for systems with multiple product groups. For custom solutions,  you can use any device that can send serial commands to control an Access system. The Model 970 module converts RS-232 commands into Access commands and sends them out via RS485. See the 970 manual for more information.

Q: Can I use 2-wire buttons with the new 4-pin PSB ports?
 Yes, you can use 2-pin switches on any 4-pin PSB port. Use the two pins on the left (depending on the orientation of the port). access_tip4d

Q: Can I select positions without a control panel or PSB?
 Yes, you can use a small metal tool, such as a screwdriver, to short the pins of the PSB port. 

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