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[Image for 013-100]
013-100 push-button (rear view)
Easy Plug Demo Button (RJ9 Connector)
013-100 - New!

  •  Hole size: 0.75 inch (19 mm)
  •  Outer diameter: 0.86 inch (22.5 mm)
  •  Maximum panel thickness: 0.5 inch (12.5 mm)
  •  Required depth: 1.5 inches behind front panel surface
  •  Illumination: blue, red, white,  and other colors on request
  •  RJ9 cable is available in several lengths – sold separately

Categories: PSB

[Front view]
Front view
[RJ9 modular cord ]
RJ9 modular cord
[Installed rear]
Installed rear

This illuminated stainless steel momentary switch is ideal for attractive retail demo systems. The LED light ring invites customers to select products and adjust volume or select music tracks. Attaches to Audio Authority switching systems with RJ9 cables (available in several lengths). The standard 802-807 harness is 1.5m long, with other lengths available upon request.
RJ9 ButtonRJ9 Button insertRJ9 Button connected

Why is the EasyPlug Button So Special?

This method of attaching the cable has a number of advantages:
  • There is no way to plug it in wrong, and it locks in place with a definite "click."
  • There is no harness or "pigtail" to feed through the hole. 
  • Most button cables have a disconnect built into the harness so the entire cord does not have to be fed through the hole; but that disconnect introduces a possible point of failure. The EasyPlug harness is one whole cord with no breaks in it.
  • RJ9 is the same format used for most telephone handsets, making the harness familiar, easy to obtain, and inexpensive. 


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