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[Image for BM-AIK2B]
BatteryMINDer Interface Kit Contents
Airframe Interface Kit - 12V
Model BM-AIK2B - Coming soon!

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Kit to adapt aviation-specific BatteryMINDers for use with FAA-certified aircraft. Compatible with 12V BatteryMINDer chargers. 

Key Features:

  • Quick connect battery charger harness kit
  • Aviation grade components for FAA-certified aircraft
  • Adapts BatteryMINDer® SAE plug to Anderson SB50
  • Rugged handle with strain relief
  • No FAA field approval or Form 337 is required
  • Certified mechanic can install and return to service

Categories: Aviation BatteryMINDer, Aviation Accessories, Aviation

[SB50 adapter]
SB50 adapter
[Installation tips]
Installation tips

Why Certified Aircraft Need this
Quick Connect Harneess

3 minute presentation:

Skip Koss, VP at Concorde Battery explains proper charger connections for aircraft batteries.
6 minute video:


BatteryMINDer® Airframe Interface

The BM-AIK2B is a parts kit to adapt 12 volt aviation-specific BatteryMINDers for use with FAA-certified aircraft. The yellow connector conforms to industry standard color codes (yellow=12/14V, red=24/28v etc.). It may be installed by any certified mechanic (see this video tutorial). It does not require a Form 337 or FSDO field approval; all that is required is an entry in the maintenance logbook for return to service.

Components for Airframe Installation:

  • SB50 polarized plug with in-line fuse (assembly tips)
  • 6' color-coded MIL-spec wiring
  • Insulating elastomeric dust cover
  • MIL-spec anti-chafe fiberglass sleeve
  • Ring terminals
  • Crimp splices
  • Installation instructions

Also Included (not for installation on aircraft):

An SAE to SB50 harness with handle and strain releif for adapting a BatteryMINDer's "trailer plug" output to a mating SB50 plug.

IMPORTANT: This harness is designed only for maintenance battery charging, not for supplying ground power for airframe operations. Disconnect the charger before turning on airframe electrical power. Reconnect the charger after turning airframe electrical power off to recharge and then maintain/desulfate the battery.

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