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 1500 Intercom Training

[Image for 1550A]
Installer Setup Tool with Backlight
Installer Setup Tool
Model 1550A


Key Features:

  • High contrast, backlit, LCD screen enables installer to navigate programming menu 
  • Connects via Cat 5 cable to a special port on the bottom of any Counter Station
  • Compatible with 1500 and 1580 series
  • Tough, flame retardant plastic housing
  • Dimensions: 5.61 in x 3.24 in x 1.38 in

Categories: Intercom, Intercom Accessories

[On Counter Station]
On Counter Station

Q: Why does the 1550A Setup Tool show strange characters? 

A: If you are connecting the 1550A to a 1500AH, connect the Cat 5 cable to the base of the Counter Station first, then make sure the handset is on the cradle before you connect the 1550A Setup Tool. If you still see strange characters on the 1550A, you may need to cycle power on the 1500AH before re-connecting the 1550A.

Q: I want Program Audio to play only when customers are on hold, not when lanes are idle. How should I set Program Audio Abate?

A: Turn ON "Abate" to prevent program audio from playing while lanes are idle.

Series 1500 Menu Tree

Below is the current menu tree for the Series 1500 Intercom System.
See individual product manuals to find menu trees for Series 1580 and the Model 1533.

Root MenuFirst Menu SubsetSecond Menu SubsetFinancial Default ValuePharmacy Default Value
1: System Parameters1: Blower Motor Delay 3.0 (seconds)3.0 (seconds)
 2: Power Save Delay** 90 (seconds)90 (seconds)
 3: Supervisor Teller* NoneNone
 4: Lane Mirror Disable** OffOff
 5: Traffic Sensor Tone Use Lane RingtoneUse Lane Ringtone
 6: Background Threshold44
 7: Allow Video Scroll OnOff
 8: Master Teller None1
2: Lane Parameters1: Single Lane1: Inbound Volume Level88
 2: Auto Select Lane2: Outbound Volume Level44
 3: Group of Lanes3: Open Loop Gain1212
 4: All Lanes4: Handset Mic Level88
 5: Cancel5: Handset Speaker Level88
  6: Ringtone Override*NoneNone
  7: Half Duplex OnlyOffOff
  8: Program Audio Abate*OffOff
  9: Relay OperationSelection ActivatesSelection Activates
  10: Swap Camera Up/DownOffOff
  11: Suppress VideoOffOff
3: Teller Parameters1: This Teller1: Key Assignment**  
 2: Single Teller2: Allow Hands FreeOnOff
 3: Group of Tellers   
 4: All Tellers   
 5: Cancel    
4: Set Defaults1: Cancel   
 2: Financial Defaults   
 3: Pharmacy Defaults   
5: Memory Card1: Cancel   
 2: Write To Memory Card  
 3: Read From Memory Card  
 4: Firmware Upgrade   
6: Exit1: Cancel   
 2: Exit and Save   
 3: Exit Without Saving   


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