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[Image for 1805]
1805 Demonstration Amplifier
Compact Demonstration Amplifier
Model 1805


Key Features

  • Up to 10.5 watts / channel output 
  • Volume control by RS-232 or RS-485
  • Gain adjustment per channel
  • Small footprint - easy placement in fixtures

Categories: Soundbars, Interactive Switching, Speaker Switching, Modules, Access Mobile

[1805 Top view]
1805 Top view
[Side view]
Side view
[Side bus view]
Side bus view

Compact Amplifier for Retail Speaker Demonstrations

The Audio Authority® 1805 is a compact amplifier designed to provide amplification for speakers in retail demonstrations. Volume may be controlled via RS-232 or RS-485 using custom control devices such as a touch screen or capacitive touch panel. For best results use a commercial grade analog media player such as the Model 1803 or a BrightSign® media player. 


  • Compact footprint for easy placement inside store fixture
  • Easy connection to media players such as BrightSign media players, or Audio Authority 1803 
  • Control with RS-232 commands from any serial controller
  • Control volume with custom touch panel, touchscreen, or other user interface


Measurements with an 8 ohm load, both channels driven:

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz -20kHz (+/– 0.736dB)
  • 12V power, THD 1%, 8.5 Watts 
  • 12V power, THD 10%, 10.5 Watts

Example system

Example System: 

The 1805 sends amplified audio to the Model 1819 speaker switch modules (right) that route high level audio to the speakers. The 1803 media player (top) provides low-level input signal for the 1805 amplifier (bottom). The TS09 touch panel (left) controls the demonstration system via RS-485.


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