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[Image for 1710B]
Headphone Demo Switcher
Amplified Headphone Switcher 1x4
Model 1710B


Key Features

  • High fidelity headphone amp
  • Four headphone outputs
  • Switching or distribution†functionality
  • Optional selector buttons for product selection
  • Demo timeout option
  • Customers can connect an audio device
  • Theft detection and integral alarm
  • Cascade for multiple outputs

Categories: Headphone Demo, Interactive Switching, Speaker Switching, Modules, New

[1710B top view]
1710B top view

A Headphone Amplifier for the Premium Demo

Sound quality is the first consideration in demonstrating high end headphones, and the 1710B offers a premium amplifier for each of its headphone outputs. Security is also a major concern, and the 1710B TheftAlert feature now supports most headphone models, even those with noise cancelling and other active circuitry.†

Flexible Designs
The 1710B allows you to design the right experience for your retail environment. You can make individual demo stations of four products each, or make a large system that limits live demonstration to one pair of headphones at a time in the entire system.††You can even combine a headphone display (all headphones on all the time) with a speaker dock display (one position on at a time).†

Invite Customers to Connect their Personal Audio Devices
Customers buy products more often when they feel a connection to them. Using customerís music to demo headphones often makes good sense, and the 1710B headphone amp makes it easy. Simply provide a 3.5mm cable and the system does the rest. When a customer connects their MP3 player, the 1710B detects music on the customer input and overrides the default music source.


  • High fidelity headphone amplification to showcase premium headphones
  • Flexible behavior allows switching or distribution systems (speaker docks or headphones)
  • Retail-hardened selector buttons (optional) are user friendly, and durable
  • Demonstrations can be set to time out after a few seconds, minutes, or never
  • Automatic selection of customer audio source when connected and playing
  • Theft detection and integral alarm (compatible with most headphones, including models with active circuitry such as noise cancelling)
  • Multiple units can easily be connected together for any size system


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