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Product Listing: Modules (47)

[Image for 1725M-BTS]Audio Demo System
Model 1725M-BTS - Special Order

Ten-position demonstration system for digital optical sound bar connections.

Product Details  

[Image for 1821]1 x 4 Digital Audio Demonstrator
Model 1821

Four-position demonstration system for digital audio devices. Expandable via digital bus, with push-button, touch panel,and RS-232 control options.

Product Details  

[Image for 1703]Demonstration Audio Player
Model 1703

Demo music player for retail demonstrations with optional Visual Volume knob. Plays high bitrate MP3, FLAC, and WAV formats. Digital and analog outputs.

Product Details  

[Image for 1803]High Resolution Audio Player
Model 1803

High resolution music player for retail demonstrations with options for push-button controls, TouchSelect control panel, orVisual Volume knob. Plays uncompressed FLAC and WAV files, and high bit rate MP3. Digital and analog outputs with combined or separate volume controls.

Product Details  

[Image for 1715]Premium Headphone Demonstration Amp, 1x4
Model 1715

Demonstration amplifier presents premium headphones at their best. High fidelityamplification, volume control and theft protection.

Product Details  

[Image for 1805]Compact Demonstration Amplifier
Model 1805 - Updated!

Compactamplifier demonstratesspeakers with volume control via serial commands. Custom interface options available.

Product Details  

[Image for 1710B]Amplified Headphone Switcher 1x4
Model 1710B

Demonstration switcher presents 4 headphones orsound docks at their best. High quality amplification, improved theft protection, and optional switching.

Product Details  

[Image for SIG-0]SIG-0 Communication Bridge
SIG-0 - New!

The SIG-0 Communication Bridge connects an RS-232 port and a TCP socket to facilitate communication between the RS-232 and your network devices. Configure and store data directly on the device via the integrated MicroSD port or serial commands.

Product Details  

[Image for AS8-IP]Audio Demonstrator
Model AS8-IP - New!

The Ascentic AS8 Audio Demonstrator switches audio signals for up to eight outputs, either digital audio, analog, or a combination of audio formats. The AS8-IP may be controlled via buttons, sensors, touch panels, touchscreen, and muti-function rotary controls, and can be updated, checked, and controlled remotely via serial or Ethernet connections.

Product Details  

[Image for 1800]Sound Bar Demonstrator with Lighting Sync
Model 1800

Sound bar demonstration adds CEC volume control to interactive sound bar displays and LED lighting control to synchronize LEDs with product selections. Control via RS-232 using any compatible device, such as an Audio Authority Model MH2-HD MediaHub.

Product Details  

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