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[Image for 1715]
High-Fidelity Headphone Demo Amplifier
Premium Headphone Demonstration Amp, 1x4
Model 1715


Key Features

  • Ultra high performance amplification
  • 400 mW into 32 ohms
  • Connect four headphones (expands to 16)
  • Smooth frequency response 
  • Adjustable gain settings
  • Select a headphone position via selector buttons
  • Visual Volume™ control knob (optional)
  • Timeout adjustable from 15 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Customers can connect a music player
  • Theft detection and integral alarm

Categories: Headphone Demo, Modules, Interactive Switching, Speaker Switching, New

[1715 top view]
1715 top view
[Visual Volume]
Visual Volume

Serious Power for Serious Headphone Shoppers

Designed with the output power to effectively demonstrate high-end headphones, the 1715 amplifier makes it possible to present the serious listener with a full demonstration of each headphone’s true capabilities. Use our uncompressed audio player, Model 1703, to bring maximum fidelity to your customers.

The 1715 amplifier devotes its output to one selected pair of headphones at any one time to ensure optimal performance. It delivers analog audio signals with pristine clarity and smooth frequency response. The installer can adjust the gain on each 1715 to suit the output level appropriate to the sensitivity of the headphones connected to it. Headphones designed for use with smart phones do not require the high gain levels that are needed to drive models that have high impedance or low sensitivity. Each 1715 can be set to deliver just the right audio levels to its four headphone outputs.

Invite Customers to Connect their Personal Audio Devices
Customers buy products more often when they feel a connection to them. Using customer’s music to demo headphones often makes good sense, and the 1715 headphone amp makes it easy. Simply provide a 3.5mm cable and the system does the rest. When a customer connects their MP3 player, the 1715 detects music on the cusomer input and overrides the default music source.

Flexible Designs
The 1715 allows you to design the right experience for your retail environment. You can make individual demo stations of four products each, or make a large system that limits live demonstration to one pair of headphones at a time in the entire system. The 1715 Demonstration System can be configured in many different ways - including the way you need it. Find information below, or call your Account Manager about system design.


  • High fidelity headphone amplification to showcase premium headphones
  • Adjustable gain - set gain levels for the sensitivity and impedance of headphones on display
  • Retail-hardened selector buttons are user friendly, and durable
  • Demonstrations can be set to time out after a few seconds, minutes, or never
  • Automatic selection of customer audio source when connected and playing
  • Theft detection and integral alarm (compatible with most headphones, including models with active circuitry such as noise cancelling)
  • Cascade up to four units that share a source and coordinate product selection and theft detection
Headphone Demo with Push-Buttons

Basic headphone demonstration system.

Click for more.

Theft Detection

1715 theft detection (off by default) is compatible with most headphone models, including models with active circuitry such as noise cancelling. Activate theft detection using the Theft Detect switches, which are numbered to correspond with each headphone position. Keep cable lengths as short as possible. All devices should be tested for proper detection behavior upon installation. If detection does not work for a particular device, disable detection for that port.  

Attach a reset switch (contact closure) to reset the alarm. The theft indicator LED(s) turn off when the reset switch is on. Only one reset switch is needed per system; reset status is communicated to all other modules that are connected via the Expansion Bus cable. We recommend that a remote theft indicator light should be installed in clear view of customers. The blinking LED is a deterrent, warning that theft detection is active. The 1715’s on-board buzzer sounds if it detects an unauthorized removal, but if a louder alarm is desired, the external siren port can power a 12VDC siren. When headphones must be connected and disconnected, turn on the siren reset switch, make product changes, and turn the switch off again. 

When active, the theft indicator blinks and the 1715 detects the headphones that are connected, so that it will trigger the alarm if one is removed. 


Power (@ 1% THD+N, 1kHz)400 mW into 32 ohms
Frequency Response12Hz -23kHz (+/– 0.5dB)
S/N Ratio96dB
THD+N @ 1VRMS, 1 kHz0.07% 
Input Impedance10K ohms
Minimum Load Impedance8 ohms
Power Input Connector5.5 X 2.1mm
Input Voltage/Polarity12VDC center positive
Max Input Current160mA
Power Supply571-013

Gain Settings
Power rating taken at 1% THD+N, 1kHz input, using 32 ohm load.
GainPower (mW)


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