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[Image for 1726]
Headphone Demo Amp
High-Output Amplified Headphone Switcher 1x8
Model 1726 - Special order

$190.00 USD

Key Features

  • High-power headphone amp
  • One output active at a time
  • Eight outptus total
  • Digital Toslink™ and analog 3.5mm outputs
  • Push-button or cord retractor product selection
  • Demo timeout option


[1726 Amp]
1726 Amp

Ideal for Gaming Headphones and Headphones with Higher Impedance

When it’s time to bring out the big guns, you need a headphone amp that is up for the challenge. The powerful 1726 amplifier is designed to handle high-impedance analog gaming headphones, and has digital outputs for headphones with Toslink® connections. The amplifier devotes its output to one pair of headphones at a time for optimal performance. 

Audio or Video Player Options
The 1726 may be used with our 1703 audio player, driving both digital and analog audio pathways.  For a high-impact video demo, each sku can play its own video promotion using a compatible media player (e.g. CE Labs MP700). The 1726 player control feature triggers a custom audio or video promotional track as each headphone sku is selected.  

Selectable Gain Levels
Select high or low gain mode depending on the level of input from the player, and the range of headphones on display.
The 1726 chipset has the capability of driving a 32-OHM headphone with over 1000mW, but we actually had to limit the output of the high setting to an appropriate range for most high-impedance headphones. The standard 1726 provides a maximum output of 500mW into a 32-OHM load, using the CE labs MP700 as the source device. 



  • High-power headphone amplification to showcase gaming headphones and other high-impedance headphones
  • Retail-hardened push-buttons (optional) are user friendly, and durable 
  • Cord retractors can be used to select positions and play tracks
  • Custom firmware can cause each position to trigger a custom track on compatible media players
  • High or low gain mode for different headphone impedance levels
  • Demonstrations can be set to time out after a few seconds, minutes, or never
  • SilenTouch™ eliminates switching noise when tracks are starting
  • Digital audio formats include PCM-2 (2-channel) and Dolby 5.1
  • Analog audio should not excede 2W or clipping may occur

Output ModeLow GainHigh Gain
Headphone Impedance16 Ohm32 Ohm64 Ohm16 Ohm32 Ohm64 Ohm
Max Power Output (mW)25012562.51000500250


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