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Product Listing: Interactive Switching (62)

[Image for 942]Low-Level and Speaker-Level Switching Module
Access Model 942

Provides low-level 2-channel input and high-level 2-channel output switching for amplifiers or receivers less than 200 watts RMS.  Includes bypass feature to bypass amplifiers. May also be used for head units.

Product Details  

[Image for 958]EQ Switching Module
Access Model 958

Switches four sets of stereo low-level signals.  Demonstrates car audio equalizers.

Product Details  

[Image for 955A]Standard-Definition Audio/Video Source Switcher
Access Model 955A

Switches 4 composite video, analog audio, or digital audio sources.  Demonstrates standard definition video from VCR or DVD players, and handles audio from CD players or DVD players.

Product Details  

[Image for 949X]High Current Amplifier Expander Module
Access Model 949X

The Model 949X is designed to allow the demonstration of higher current amplifiers. Combined with the a Model 942 it can provide both low and high level amplifier signal pathways for the most powerful car audio amplifiers available.

Product Details  

[Image for 940]High Level Switching Module
Access Model 940

The Model 940 switches four left and right speaker pairs. It can be used by itself or in a system with source and amplifier modules. Use a control panel or product select buttons to create an interactive demo.

Product Details  

[Image for 940X]Speaker Level Audio Expander Module
Access Model 940X

The Model 940X is used to add four channels of high level switching to any main switch module (AccessEZ or DirectSelect).

Product Details  

[Image for 920X]Low Level Audio Expander Module
Access Model 920X

The Model 920X is used to add four channels of low level switching to any main switch module (Access or DirectSelect).

Product Details  

[Image for 932X]Speaker Level Audio Expander Module
Access Model 932X

The Model 932X is used to add eight channels of high level switching to a 932 or 939 main switch module.

Product Details  

[Image for 9A15]Head Unit Connection Module
Access Model 9A15

Convenient connection point for head units in car electronics demonstration fixtures. Streamlines installation and stock rotation.

Product Details  

[Image for 917X]High Current DC Power Distribution
Access Model 917X

This high current DC power distribution block is designed to handle the higher current loads demanded by today's highest performance electronics. Provides power distribution for four car audio amplifiers.

Product Details  

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